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Inquisitive minds discover amazing things and this applies to modern technology. Not satisfied with how gadgets work normally, gamers have stumbled across new and improved uses for the Playstation 3 and a few helpful tricks. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Free PSN Codes.

Unstable WiFi Connections

When downloads linger longer than normal or the connection seems unstable, look around the room. Make sure there is a direct line of sight between the router and the PS3 antenna. Furniture and other objects can easily disrupt the signal. Place the router on a high shelf out of the way of possible interference. The PS3 antenna is located on the right side of the device. With the console positioned on its left edge, the antenna will be elevated and more susceptible to reception.

Take an empty soda can, cut the top off, and punch a hole in the bottom large enough to fit over the router antenna. Make vertical cuts down the sides of the can and fan them out slightly to resemble an open flower. Place the soda can over the router antenna and point it in the direction of the Playstation 3. This trick will reportedly improve signals up to 10%.

Free Video Communication

Inexpensive USB headsets with microphones and any type of PC web camera, or Xbox 360 accessories cam will quickly turn the PS3 into a video communication device. Plug both devices into the USB ports. Go to the friends menu and choose a friend by pressing the triangle. Choose "start new chat" and type a message alerting that friend to connect with you via his/her Playstation 3. Of course, the other person must also have headset and webcam devices plugged into a PS3. The friend will receive the message and be given the option to accept a chat. Two windows will open, one for each person. By repeating the steps, up to six persons can conference without the price of a phone call.

Transform DVD's into HD

Non-enhanced videos may appear hideous on a large screen plasma or lcd tv. dvd polishing technology is built into the PS3. While watching a DVD on the Playstation using the HD mode, press the triangle and choose AV settings. Select an option for blocking, framing, noise reduction or full upscale. The technique also applies to saved videos.

Sony PSP and PS3 Options

If a sony psp owner has a large enough Pro Duo Memory stick, games are quickly transferred between the two players, allowing the handheld greater functionality. Games can be downloaded from the PS store onto the Playstation 3. Locate the PS1 game in the game column of XMB and press the triangle button. Select the copy option and click. Connect the sony psp through the USB and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Sometimes, accessing the PS store via a computer is more convenient. Log in using the PSN account code and copy downloaded products onto a removable storage device. Transfer the data to the Playstation 3 using the USB or SD device.  For more info, visit Free PSN Codes.

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