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If you're cursed with the duty of redecorating your tween's (in be-tween tot and teen) bedroom then you'll want to definitely pay attention to the following list of Dos and Don'ts of Tween bedroom decorating. From first hand experience I can tell you that if your child doesn't like something you add to his or her bedroom, you'll never hear the end of it, so it's important to do it right the first time.

 I've put together this helpful list to keep you from experiencing the long, drawn out sighs, eye rolls and constant whining that I went through after painting my daughter's bedroom, what I thought would be, the perfect color yellow! Well, guess what? If you are interested to know more, take a look at Tween Girls Bedding.  According to her, it was the perfectly wrong color yellow. So, first on my list of Don'ts would have to be, NEVER, paint your child's room bright yellow!


 I started with the list of Don'ts because it's always important to know what not to do first, and then you can make a list of what To Do second. I hope this helps with your tween's bedroom design and your quest for picking the right kids furniture, kids accessories, wall colors and more.

 Tween Bedroom Decorating Don'ts!

 1.Don't choose flimsy kids furniture because from tween years on your child's activity level and play dates will both increase, causing more wear and tear on her bedroom furniture than you can possibly imagine. Get kids furniture from a reputable company with top brands and quality pieces, so you're sure the furniture will last into the teens and beyond.

 2.Don't decorate alone. Make sure to ask your tween for lots of input. Ask questions like: what type of kids furniture she wants, what activities she'll do in her room, what items will she want to keep organized and stored and what color scheme would make her the happiest. Remember, your tween's happiness is what you're really trying to enhance, by enhancing the bedroom décor.

 3.Don't choose a bed without assessing your child's nighttime mood. If your child tends to be scared at night and is currently in a low bed, you might consider getting a loft bed to make her feel more secure. If your child is a reader, you should consider a bed with a bookcase headboard for keeping her favorite literature close by. Choosing the right bed for your child is very important! Take your time and ask her many questions before picking her sleep space.

 4.Don't buy kids furniture that can't be moved around the room because from tweens to teens your child is sure to request some furniture rearrangements-¦just because she can!

 5.Don't paint a permanent mural directly on the bedroom wall. If you do, your tween is sure to get sick of it in no time and you'll find yourself painting the wall all over again.

 6.Don't put wallpaper on the walls! As your tween hits puberty her moods will change, her tastes will change and the last thing you'll want to do is have to change that wall paper. It's not fun putting it up, but taking it down is even worse. Believe me-¦I know!

 Tween Bedroom Decorating Dos

 1.Do make sure to get plenty of storage units for the room including dresser, shelves, bookcase and bins. You'll need enough storage spots to fit all of her clothes and accessories and then some. Remember, a tween is always accumulating more and more things, so going overboard with storage isn't a bad idea.

 2.Do get a decorative hamper that adds appeal to the room because you'll want to keep the hamper out in the open, so your child remembers to use it. If you hide the hamper in the closet then you'll quickly realize, by the pile of dirty clothes on the floor, that the old saying-¦out if sight, out of mind-¦is definitely true. Keeping the hamper in plain sight, with the top open or off, makes it easy for your child to toss dirty laundry in, instead of tossing it around the room.

 3.Do remember to get a large garbage can for the bedroom because tweens definitely can make their share of messes. If the garbage can is too small then your tween's bedroom floor will become the garbage dump.

 4.Do add some creative seating to the space for when her friends or siblings come to visit. This can be in the form of bean bag chairs, kid's chairs or even a window seat with cushion and storage bins underneath. You might even want to add some soft pillows on top to create the perfect reading or nap-time nook.

 5.Do get a variety of lighting for the space. If your kid is a reader then figure out where she'll read and make sure to include ample reading light in that spot. If she reads in bed, then attach a light near the headboard. If she reads in a chair then place one of your furniture pieces close by to hold a reading lamp on top.

 6.Do allow your tween to make all final decisions on kids furniture choices, wall art, wall colors, bedding sets, kids chairs, lighting and storage needs. Ultimately, your child is going to be the one who spends time in her room, so it needs to suit her tastes, personality and satisfy her needs.For more info, visit Tween Girls Bedding.

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