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Here is how I would draft for the teams selecting outside the lottery of the 2011 NBA Draft if the following players were off the board: Kyrie Irving, Enes Kanter, Bismack Biyombo, Kahwi Leonard, Derrick Williams, Brandon Knight, Jan Vesely, Alec Burks, Kemba Walker, Tristan Thompson, Marcus Morris, Jordan Hamilton, Marshon Brooks and Chris Singleton. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Mark Quinones.

15. Indiana Pacers - Jonas Valanciunas, Power Forward, Lithuania: His contract situation is a bit rocky, but if they could get him to cross the Atlantic, the Pacers would be in a good position. Valanciunas is extremely talented in a traditional Euro mold. I don't think Tyler Hansbrough is a long-term starter at the four and a skilled big like Valanciunas could take the Pacers to the next level.

16. Philadelphia 76ers - Markieff Morris, Power Forward, Kansas: The Sixers need a power forward of the future to take over when Elton Brand is finished, which might not be that long from now. Morris is not as skilled his brother, but he's worth a shot at this juncture in the draft.
17. New York Knicks - Kenneth Faried, Power Forward, Moorehead State: Faried is a perfect fit for the Knicks, who need to get tougher down low. He could do the dirty work for Amare Stoudemire down low. He's not the kind of player that sells NBA tickets, but he should be a hard worker and a valuable role player for years.

18. Washington Wizards - Klay Thompson, Guard, Washington State: Thompson's size and shooting touch would be an ideal fit next to John Wall. He can even play some point when Wall is on the bench. A good fit here.

19. Charlotte Bobcats - Donatas Motiejunas, Power Forward, Lithuania: I had Kemba Walker going to Charlotte in my lottery mock, so I will pass on Reggie Williams here. Motiejunas has been on NBA radar screens for a couple of years now. He's got a lot of offensive potential, though he is lacking defensively and as a rebounder. However, the Bobcats need young offensive talen

20. Minnesota Timberwolves - Tobias Harris, Forward, Tennessee: I had the Wolves taking Irving number one, so no point guard here either. Harris, however, would be a nice fit. He's a versatile player capable of playing both forward positions and contributing on a variety of ways.

21. Portland Trail Blazers - Reggie Jackson, Point Guard, Boston College: Jackson would be an ideal fit in Portland with his size and shooting prowess. With Brandon Roy there, his lack of premier point guard skills would be ok.

22. Denver Nuggets - Justin Harper, Power Forward, Richmond - I like Harper as a fit in Denver. His shooting ability works with their style of offens

23. Houston Rockets - Chandler Parsons, Forward, Florida - I had defensive ace Chris Singleton going to the Rockets at 14, so here they get an offensive talent in Parsons. I think Parsons is one of the biggest sleepers in this draft, an efficient, smart player that can do everything on the offensive end.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder - Tyler Honeycutt, Small Forward, UCLA: Honeycutt could help replace Jeff Green in OKC.

25. Boston Celtics - Jordan Williams, Center, Maryland: Williams has gotten himself in much better shape as of late and would be a great fit in Boston, as Kendrick Perkins' departure has weakened their front line.

26. Dallas Mavericks - Nikola Mirotic, Small Forward, Serbia: Dallas might win the NBA title this season. Either way, I don't think they'll find a player to come in and help them this late in the draft, so why not take a shot on a Euro to stash, even if his buyout could be a problem in the future.

27. New Jersey Nets - Darius Morris, Point Guard, Michigan: The Nets have to have themselves covered if Deron Williams skips town in the offseason.

28. Chicago Bulls - Charles Jenkins, Guard, Hofstra: A shooter in the Ben Gordon mold that could be a valuable option off the bench for Chicago.

29. San Antonio Spurs - Lucas Nogueira, Center, Brazil: A big sleeper that I like a lot, so it would make sense for the Spurs to land him.

30. Chicago Bulls - Davis Bertans, Forward, Latvia: Can you pick out Latvia on a map? Me neither. Anyway, Bertans is the Dirk comparison of this year. The Bulls could stash him and hope. For more info, visit Mark Quinones.

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