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Affiliate Marketing as an online business is portrayed as a vehicle by which anyone with a personal computer can gain financial security, the freedom to work at anytime, anyplace, and develop an extravagant lifestyle if so desired. Much of this is true ... but the road to these goals is very winding and certain realities must be accepted.  One of the "rules" of article writing is to use third person ... lot's of 'ones', 'peoples', 'author's', etc. This article uses "I", because ... well, it's MY story ... MY reflections. For that very reason, if you should disagree with my reflections ... GOOD. Every author strives to provide useful information and, when possible, to enable the reader to relate and consider that information, even if controversial.  If you are interested to know more, take a look at Affiliate Marketing Training. A brief bio to set the stage. I am a live in caregiver in Hilo, Hi. As such, an outside job is impossible, so, about 7 months ago, I began pursuing online marketing as an income source. Under these circumstances, I am long on time, and short on money. As honesty is the basis for this writing, after 7 months I can count on around $450 per month, with occasional peaks and valleys, and that amount is steadily increasing.

Not much money, huh? The 'myth' factor makes it hard to discern fact from fiction. However, if you're patient and read what people have to say, the truth does trickle out. The owner of a popular, well known online program recently stated that after 3 years of active marketing operations, he is now earning $1000 per month after finally recovering all of his start up expenses. (Paying for his 'learning curve'). "Marige O'brien", in her very popular ebook, "Tracker Mo's BootCamp, Basic Training For Online Marketing", can be quoted as saying, "... can expect to make a consistent income of between 25 - $100 within a few months, 250 - $500 by the end of the first year, and 1000 - $2000 per month by the end of the second year." This is not quite what the new internet marketer wants to hear, but at least it is refreshingly honest.  Was I initially disappointed ... yes. Am I surprised ... no longer.  I fully believed that I began this journey with exactly the right mind-set. I knew that I had to discover what this was all about. I soon learned, and believed, that I would have to 'pay my dues' before I would begin to sniff success. I heard the message to be patient, find a program or method that I was passionate about, and STICK WITH IT.
Did I do this? Well, sort of. I did not practice the 'program of the week' approach; however, I did shift my focus 3 or 4 times. Was it because I became disillusioned and smelled greener grass?  No, it was because I reached a point where I did not have the skills, knowledge, or tools available to take it to the next level ... I would reach a point where the next step was written in a language that I did not understand.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with these programs ... I just was not in a position to do what this business requires ... Market them effectively.  At this point, some of you will 'roll your eyes' and proclaim "ah ha, the dude got scammed". Well, no I didn't. My research indicated legitimate opportunities with a proven track record. My lack of success stemmed solely from my inability to completely follow the prescribed marketing plan. In spite of my own self assurances, I had lacked patience and tried to rush the learning curve. I was trying to follow a business plan without having set a suitable foundation.  If you will, please, envision building your own house. Among other things, you will need to know how to lay a foundation, rough frame, raise walls, hang joists, frame in windows and doors, sub floor, etc. I don't care how many 'do it yourself' books that you've read, I won't 'come a knockin' on your new door if, during the process, you didn't seek professional, expert advice. There's just something about a house falling down that does not appeal to me. For more info, visit Affiliate Marketing Training

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