Social Anxiety

When it comes to dealing with unfamiliar scenarios, many people will feel anxious and nervous. The situation can be anything. It can be going for an interview, or doing a presentation in front your peers, and more. The main reason why people had this kind of feelings is because they are afraid of the outcome of their actions. They do not want to get embarrassed. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Social Anxiety. Rest assured; this is a very common reaction for everyone. However, this cannot be said same for people who are suffering from social anxiety disorders.Just as the "social" anxiety implies, these people are afraid of associate or socialize with people. In fact, they do not fond of the idea of going to social events or party or using a public facility with everyone. It is mainly because they have the trouble of expressing themselves. They are pessimistic as they tend to view everything negatively. But this doesn't mean that they want to spend their life alone. In their deep heart, they want to enjoy their life with everyone. They want to be accepted by the society. The sad thing is they can't. Just standing around of a group of people is enough to make them feel anxious and nervous. They are so nervous to the point that they cannot even held a decent conversation with people.Most of the social anxiety patients cannot handle the criticism very well. Compare to normal people, the impact that they going to take is quadruple; to the extent that will hamper their life. They will constantly recall the "criticism" that they get to the point that they will have a difficulty to get a decent sleep for many days. Their worries are so intensive and unrealistic.So, if you are suffering from social anxiety disorder, you should seek help from the professional. This mental disorder can be treated. Ignoring this will only makes your anxiety growing worse than usual. The most effective and safe treatment option is going for cognitive-behavioral therapy. You will be taught how to deal with your anxiety attacks naturally. The only downside of this treatment is it takes time to achieve the results. Taking medicine also can be used to suppressing the anxiety attacks, but generally it is not recommended as it can cause a lot of side-effect.Also, if you encounter the social anxiety patient who takes the same ride on the public transport, try to be nice to him. The best thing you can do is to stop looking at him. This action will make him feel secure and relief. For more info, visit Social Anxiety. 

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