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Business cards were once an important part of any businessman's arsenal. Wherever you went you would have your business card to leave. If you worked in sales, you always wanted to have a card on hand with your name and number. It was the key to a salesman success and commission in sales. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Arun Panchariya.

There was a time when everyone carried a business card. This was a way of alerting people to your presence. In the Victorian era when you went to visit someone at their home their servants would ask for your card. This was how these cards began, as calling cards, a way to alert someone as to your presence and reason for visiting.

In today's high speed technical internet age people claim we no longer need business cards. As much as we want to move to a paperless society, this is relatively not practical. Imagine if you will; being out and about and you need to give your contact information to someone. Sure you can e-mail it but where's the personal charm in that. A card is a physical item, a reminder of who you are and that you and your services do exist. They are small items we shove in our wallets and place on tack boards. How can something so small and easy be replaced or outdated by technology? Especially now with this new improved technology you can print your own business cards at home.

There was a time when a business card was something which seemed to be out of reach of most common people but today everyone and anyone can have them. They still are incredibly worthwhile and even more practical today. A simple item which can be shoved under doors, left in mail boxes, attached to paperwork or stapled somewhere for all to see. Even the phrase, "My card" still holds a lot of clout today and makes a firm impression on people.

A business card can have all manner of contact information printed on it. From your name, your address, your contact numbers, an e-mail and even your website; they can be a small index of every means to contact you when and if needed. The business card will never see an end to its usefulness and should always be considered a still worthwhile accessory to anyone whether you are a business man or an average person who just wants to make their presence known. For more info, visit Arun Panchariya

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