Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews

Have you ever paid thought why a reverse osmosis water filter system which was once so popular, is finding no buyers these days? Well, to tell you the truth, there are numerous reasons responsible for causing this fall in the popularity of these systems.One of the main reasons is the old and obsolete technology employed in a reverse osmosis water filter system. The technique is pretty much basic. It simply employs a thin semi permeable membrane which has ultra fine pores in it. Now, water molecules being smaller in size are allowed to pass through this membrane while the large sized contaminants are blocked. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews. As you must have already understood, not only is this technique basic but is simply useless for contaminants which are smaller than the size of the pores. They are allowed to pass along with the water and thus continue to contaminate it. Chlorine and prescription drugs are two examples of such contaminants which are impossible to filter using a reverse osmosis water filter system.Another reason why these systems are losing market share is the fact that they strip off the essential mineral traces present in natural water. These minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium etc are extremely important for the normal functioning of our body and hence should not be removed from drinking water.The problem with RO based systems is that their filtration technique is blind. It fails to identify essential mineral traces and simply removes them because they are larger than the size of the pores in the RO membrane. The water produced is thus mineral deprived and its prolonged consumption leads to the development of multiple mineral deficiencies.Another problem with these systems is that they waste a lot of water. For producing one gallon of fresh and clean water, they waste almost four gallons of it! It is not difficult to determine the maintenance cost associated with these systems.It is due to all these reasons that today there is no one ready to buy and try a reverse osmosis water filter system. There are better performing and more cost effective alternatives available, which makes it all the more easy for people to forget RO and buy the right system for their homes.A Multi block water filter is the one which is in vogue these days. And why not? It is based on a combination of more than one advanced filtration techniques like Carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration. The water produced by these systems is not only 10x better than that the one dispensed by a reverse osmosis water filter system but these systems are economical to buy and maintain too.With this information in your hand, what is your opinion? Who would still want to try out a reverse osmosis water filter system? For more info, visit Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews

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