Von Zipper

If you're looking for information on VonZipper from the Frankie & Annette1960's beach movies-¦.you have the wrong page. The VonZipper I'm talking about manufactures Sunglasses... very popular sunglasses, I might add.  If you are interested to know more, take a look at Von Zipper.

 VonZipper is based in California. They're owned by Billabong, and they do business worldwide. Organized in 1991 by a group of buddies that grew up together just having fun. VonZipper is in the business of promoting lifestyle and personality in the form of quality sunglasses, goggles and accessories. They are very much influenced by extreme sports, most notably surfers and snowboarders, but because VonZipper has found a way to combine style with function, they also appeal to the fashion minded Hollywood. Heidi Klum has been spotted sporting VonZipper Alotta Sunglasses as well as Jason Acuna "Wee man" from Jackass who prefers the VonZipper Clutch Sunglasses Performance, style and durability are key parts of the VonZipper design process. All VonZipper sunglasses are 100% UV protected and incorporate stainless steel or satin steel optical hinges, optical quality frames and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. Polarized lenses and silicon nose pads are also available options depending on which style you choose. All of these additions are made to enhance visual clarity and ensure that the sunglasses are comfortable, sturdy and can sustain physical impact, making them a worthwhile investment in addition to a great fashion statement. Plus, most of the sunglasses are unisex and look great on both men and women, so that is very cool.


 VonZipper sunglasses are constructed with the finest quality optical materials and are put through stringent quality control testing procedures. VonZipper takes such pride in the excellence and technology they put into each pair of sunglasses they offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects on all their products. VonZipper engages, contributes and continues to succeed through and with their iconic athletes, ground breaking products and genuine customer relations.

 It's no wonder they have such a strong following with tons of supporters and happy consumers. What a fantastic way to run a business. For more info, visit Von Zipper.

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