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In today's tough economic climate, living with the after effects of a personal injury through an accidental slip or fall at your place of employment can severely affect your performance at work and even lead to extensive sick leave.Whether you're suffering whiplash or back pain from a recent road traffic accident or experiencing the destructiveaftermath of clinical negligence, under normal circumstances you will be able to place a no win no fee claim with Accidents Direct and receive the compensation you deserve. If you are interested to know more, take a look at No WIn No Fee.

Our no win no fee policy ensures that you will receive 100% of your compensation, as all of our fees are recovered from the other party. Should you lose your case, you won't be expected to pay a penny. This results in a win-win situation for our clients and ensures that they receive personal injury compensation at no cost to them. But how do you go about placing a no win no fee claim and how do you begin to understand the process involved?

Many individuals perceive the no win no fee procedure to be complex and may consider the prospect of taking on their employer or any authoritative body daunting. You certainly shouldn't suffer in silence - individuals in the UK are entitled to personal injury compensation as a legal right, although the amount of money you eventually receive depends entirely on circumstance and the consequences of your accident. Your claim can be handled in a number of ways, depending on your specific situation. Once you get in touch with our personal injury lawyers and your case is deemed to be suitable after the initial assessment, we may need to take action within a legal court, get in touch with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority if your case involves the consequences of violent misconduct, or apply to a government compensation scheme for certain health cases.

Of course, the entire procedure is handled by the professional in charge of your no win no fee claim, but you will need to fulfil a handful of requirements to aid the process. Generally, all court proceedings that result from a personal injury claim must be underway within three years. This is why we recommend that you get in touch with your solicitor as soon as possible if you believe that you have suffered an injury as a result of anincident that wasn't your fault. Once your case is underway, you should expect your case to be settled within twelve months, but this timeframe can vary depending on the nature of your situation. If you're placing a clinical negligence claim, the case may take a little longer to investigate as there are a number of complicated factors involved.

Of course, in order to be able to compensate you for your personal injuries, you will need to be examined by a qualified doctor. If the condition is simple to diagnose and the lastingimpact on your life is relatively predictable, our solicitors will be able to negotiate your compensation relatively quickly, but if medical professionals cannot determine straightaway how your life will remain affected by your accident, you may need to wait several months for a final prognosis. Although this can be frustrating for our clients, it's important to bear in mind that if your final diagnosis isn't accurate, you may end up receiving less compensation than you're entitled to.  Get in touch with Accidents Direct for more straightforward, no-obligation advice on how to place a successful no win no fee claim. You'll be able to speak to a qualified legal practitioner about your case and discover whether you're entitled to personal injury compensation for a damaging situation that simply wasn't your fault. For more info, visit No WIn No Fee

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