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To get better at riding stunt scooters you need to from your mistakes and perfect new tricks until they become second nature. Unfortunately for stunt scooter riders, scooter bails can be highly painful and sometimes they can cause injury which prevents us from riding for a pretty long of time.

 Bails usually happen when we attempt new tricks that are too hard for us, causing us to lose control on our scooters, lose focus in the air, slip during a trick or simply not land properly. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Stunt Scooters.


 To prevent yourself from bailing when learning new tricks you should always research tricks as much as possible before attempting them. When you feel you are ready you should go through the steps needed to perform each trick stationary, then get good at doing them on the floor before trying them on quarterpipes or else where mid air. Always look for help from better riders and don't try anything you are not sure of, as you will often just bail and put you and your stunt scooters at risk of damge.

 Falls can also occur due to poor equipment or bad riding conditions. You should always make sure that your scooters are suitable for riding before attempting stunts, paying close attention to wheels, bearings and joints. Do not try new tricks on cheap and flimsy scooters that are not durable and reinforced, as you risk your stunt scooters snapping when landing. Make sure the floor, ramp or rail you want to perform your tricks on is safe before attempting them, and try to save your more extreme tricks for safe conditions in the skate park rather than on dodgey streets.

 Another reason bails occur is because on skateparks you often bump into other riders or have to swerve to avoid them and then fall as a result. Sometimes this can't be helped but you should always check to see your intended route is clear and that no one else riding is lining up or on their way onto where you are about to go.

 When you do bail it is important you wear safety equipment to avoid injury. At all times when riding scooters you should wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to protect high risk areas of the body. These are cheap so there is simply no excuse not to wear them.

 Follow these tips and you should avoid bails and injuries on your stunt scooters and stay reasonably safe whilst getting better at all of your tricks.  For more info, visit Stunt Scooters.

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