For any man, it's difficult to see his wife or girlfriend talking with another man. It's even more difficult to accept that his wife is going to see a friend, or that she still has to have a relationship with an ex, such as in the case of a divorced woman who has to be in contact with her ex husband in order to take care of the kids.On the other hand, it's not fair to try to control our wives or girlfriends and decide whom they can or can't see as if they were our children. If you are interested to know more, take a look at SMS Spy. Just like we live to have our space, women deserve their space too, and they are free to have male friends and to see them once in a while. Besides, that also liberates us from having to see films we don't like and instead, we can stay at home or go watch a game with our friends.The problem arises when we start to suspect that there is more than friendship with one of her friends. We can't accuse her or cheating if we are not sure, but it certainly makes you feel uneasy, doesn't it? If we ask her about him, she'll obviously say "he's just a friend." If we confront or pursue the topic, we will be accused of being jealous and possessive. There is also the problem that he might really be just a friend.How to solve this dilemma? Easy, with SMS spy software.SMS spy software is a program that you install (actually, "connect to" would be a better description) on a cell phone that you give to your girlfriend or wife. With it, you can read all the SMS messages that she sends or receives.What if she deletes the SMS messages as soon as she reads them? If your wife or girlfriend wants to hide something from you, one of the best things to cover her tracks would be to erase any incriminating SMS message right away. However, the SMS spy software will register the content of the message on a website the moment it's received or sent.With the help of SMS spy software, you'll be able to know if that guy is really just a friend, or someone you should look out for. Yes, there is a price for SMS spy software, but it's very reasonable, especially considering the kind of benefit you are getting. For more info, visit SMS Spy

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