Do you carry your weight in your hips,which is a very common body shape named pear shape for women?The main traits of your Pear shaped body are Wider hips and thighs,Narrower shoulders,Wider bottom and Smaller bust.When you are going to shop for your party,the perfect party dress is which can draw all the attention up top and show off your fabulous arms, back and busts. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Kleider.

 A pear can look wonderful in a party dress of beautiful fabric with a fitted or strapless top, and a flowing or flared skirt which comes to below the knee. With this she should wear a sequined or ornate shrug or bolero, to emphasise and expand her top half. Her shoes should have straight high heels to balance her overall look. She will be the bell of the ball! There are a variety of dress styles for pear-shaped women that look exceptional and are always in style.Careful wardrobe planning and shopping will guarantee you always look your best.To get perfect and cheap party  For more info, visit Kleider.

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