No Contact Rule

If you have done your own research on how long you should wait before contacting your ex, you probably have seen the no contact rule for at least a month. Why is the reason this rule repeated so often? There are many reasons why following this rule is effective and it's important that you stick with it.  If you are interested to know more, take a look at No Contact Rule.

 What are some of the reasons you need or should keep the no contact rule?


 For starters, you keep from causing more damage to the already emotional breakup. Breakups are usually very hard to deal with when both parties are still feeling the anger and bitterness. If you have to speak with the person, it's hard to deal with the emotions that you need to deal with. You may say or do things that you'll regret later on.

 By seeing your ex continuously, you are prone to make even bigger mistakes including desperate behaviors such as drunken dialing and text message terrorism. Be sure that you have little to no contact with your ex after your breakup. If you have to see or talk to them because of work or other reasons, be civil and kind but do not get personal with them.

 When you don't speak to one another, you are actually helping to deal with the already messy emotions. You aren't constantly in one another's face which means you can work on your own personal matters. When you do this, a reunion can go much smoother. This helps if this is your ultimate goal.

 When you and your ex have had this time apart and have worked on your own personal demons, when you see each other next, you can deal with those issues when both of you have cool down. This is a benefit to the no contact rule. When you don't have to see each other, you can plan how you will get your ex back. This also gives your ex some time to realize how much they miss you being in their lives. In the long run, it is a win/win situation. They won't feel that they miss you if you never left.

 As you see, this no contact rule is vital to the success of getting your ex back. It can be hard to win back your ex if you don't leave him or her to sort through their feelings for you. You must also sort through yours. You may also be shocked to learn how you actually feel about them during this month away. For more info, visit No Contact Rule.


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