Make Her Jealous

The animated ogre Shrek always had an easy time making his girlfriend green with envy but to be fair, she's always green. If you suspect your girlfriend left you to have a rendezvous with a donkey, take this advice to get her jealous.Step 1:Channel Virtual Her:  The advantage you have of making your ex jealous compared to the dozens of other girls around you is that you know what she likes. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Make Her Jealous. Now's a great time to channel her mind as you out of the blue start raising money for dolphins, volunteer at technology camp, and become dart partners with her arch-rival.Step 2:Enjoy The Single Life:  To some girls, their greatest pet peeve isn't somebody chomping loud or backseat drivers but when their boyfriend has fun. Now that she's your ex, she can't cut you off so she has no control and it will burn her if you go out and have a great time, especially if you do things you'd never do when she asked like country line dancing.Step 3:Don't Be Begger Vance:  There's nothing to be jealous about in a guy who begs a girl to take him back for one last chance. On the other hand, if you strictly avoid any talk of getting back together, she'll start getting mad that you haven't called her in a while or haven't shined her shoes when she asks.Step 4:Stylize:  When you drop the 'I'm With Stupid' shirt for a nice pair of pants and a simple fashion hoody, it shows a subtle style change that will get her coals churning. She'll be jealous that you're making a conscious effort to look a little nicer and you'll find you in turn have more confidence as well.Step 5:Ask Her Friends For Advice:  A man's way to his heart is through his stomach but to get to a girl's the GPS says go through her friends. First become chummy with her gal pals then ask them for advice on work, school, or girls and your ex will get jealous that you didn't come to her. Plus, her friends will think that you're a great guy.Step 6:Go On Dates:  You don't need to take ladies to a classy sushi joint in Beverly Hills, just go out as friends and see a movie or play darts at the bar. When your ex hears that you're having fun, casual encounters with others, her blood will boil.Step 7:She Can't Have You:  You really only feel jealousy towards something you can't have or attain so if you want to make your ex feel bad for splitting with you, don't get back with her or even contact her. You'll eventually have to decide if you want to be with her but in the meantime it's fun watching her try to pin the tail on the donkey.    For more info, visit Make Her Jealous.

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