Ex is Dating

The first thing to do when your ex is dating someone else is to keep your calm and do not act out of desperation. I know the break up period is always painful, but you will learn how to get hold of yourself and avoid the desperate behaviours. The same applies for both guys and girls, men and women.  If you are interested to know more, take a look at Ex is Dating.

If you act desperately, you will probably start calling your ex and question him or her about his or her relationship with the other person. You are more likely to push your ex further away from you and lose your chances of getting him or her back with such behaviour.  

Put yourself in your ex's place, would you be comfortable dating someone after a break up? You wouldn't right? Then your ex is probably not comfortable with the new date as well. And the ex is obviously not going to have the same feelings he or she had for you overnight for another person.  

You want to know why you will have more chances to get your ex back by staying calm? That date he or she went to is called a rebound relationships and it is a proven fact that 90% of rebound relationships don't work. Maybe those 10% rebound relationships that do work are because of the desperate acts for getting the ex back, do you want to take the risk or be safe with 90% chances of getting back together?


Get Your Ex Back - When to always get in the way of your ex lover, he or she get get sick and tired of seeing you. That's why you should back off for some weeks and let your ex get the nostalgic feelings about the relationship he had with you. For more info, visit Ex is Dating.

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