Make Her Miss You

She ended it with you and you are certain she hasn't given you a second thought! If you truly believe that, think again. Just because you are not right there with her doesn't mean she isn't thinking about you. Actually, she is most likely thinking about you a lot. However, if you still want to learn ways to make your ex girlfriend miss you, read on! If you are interested to know more, take a look at Make Her Miss You

Out of Sight...

Yes, as I said, she does miss you! In fact, not seeing you may only make her miss you more! She will start to question her decision as she wonders what you are doing without her. She will start to think if she made the right decision to not be with you once she feels realizes that you can no longer be with her. Most girls will constantly think about what their ex is doing after a break up just because they got so used to your company.

Appear and then Disappear

After you have had some time to cool off, make an appearance! Drop by places you know she will be in like her favorite bar, coffee shop, or store. There is a great chance that you will bump into each other. It is recommended that you come with friends, that way, it will not appear obvious that you are trying to see her. And when you bump into her, don't be all excited to see her. Treat her like how you would other people there. One important thing you should do is to let her see you having a blast. Laugh and enjoy. Let her think that you can be happy even without her. This should make her miss you more.

Turn Head By Looking Good

Before you make your grand (yet subtle) appearance, make sure that you look great. Dress up for the occasion (appropriately so of course, don't wear a tux to a dive bar). Maybe style your hair or try a new look by shaving the old beard (or growing a little scruff). Although you cannot rely on physical attraction alone, it is one way to get her to turn her head! Once you have her attention, the rest will come easily. For more info, visit Make Her Miss You.

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