Friends With Your Ex

More often that not we find we cannot get rid of our ex boyfriends. No matter how much you would like to get rid of them you simply cannot. This could be because you work in the same office and there is no avoiding seeing him unless you quit the job. It could also be that you and him have almost the same friends and there is no dropping a friend just because he left. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Friends With Your Ex. That would be sick. You will have to learn to deal with your ex boyfriend because he is there to stay and unless something as big as death happens to him, you are going to meet with him more often than not. However, do not get any ideas about killing your ex.  Accept that he left you for reasons best known to himself or to the two of you. Once you accept that, it will become easier to deal with his presence. If you do not accept this, you will find yourself getting mad everytime you see him. This is because you have not yet come to terms with him leaving you and the anger within you is being manifested in other ways like getting irritated whenever he is around or wanting to spit on his face. He left you and it is okay, it is his lose. You have to convince yourself at the same time that you were too good for him and he could not handle you, that way you will not feel bad whenever he is around.
You have been constantly told not to make your ex your new best friend which is true but at the same time, do not make them your new enemy. This will only increase the hurt you felt when you left him. Since there is no separating the two of you simply because you work in the same office and keep the same cycle of friends, the best you can be is his friend. However, let him know he can never be your best friend. You do not have to tell him this, he can read it from the way you behave with him. When you meet with him, do not ignore him or pass him. Make sure you stop to great him. This way, he will know there are no hard feelings. It is easier to heal when there are no hard feeling felt between the two of you.  When you are out, do not try to make him feel jealous. You will only end up hurting you. It could be that they already got over you and your feeble attempt at making them feel jealous will only give your ex boyfriend an upper hand in trying to hurt you. That is, with the knowledge that you still love them, they could make use of the soft spot you have for them to take advantage of you by attaining small favors. Don't try to make him jealous what ever you do unless you are sure that he still loves you. For more info, visit Friends With Your Ex.

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