Does He Still Love Me

Thousands of women world wide ponder this question every single day. Men can be complicated and hard for women to understand in general, but when it comes to men and relationships, the confusion is amplified ten fold. The main problem is that men don't like to discuss their emotions and feelings. It doesn't mean they don't have feelings and emotions. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Does He Still Love Me. They just don't like to discuss them so it can be difficult for a woman to know exactly where she stands with a man. Plus, because it makes them uncomfortable to discuss their feelings and emotions, they can sometimes avoid the truth in an attempt to avoid the question all together. So, then, what IS the answer to the question, "Does she still love me?" Let's find out.The best way to discover if your man still loves you is to study and understand his actions, not his words. Remember that actions always speak louder than words, no exceptions. For example, if you've discussed marriage with your man, and he says he wants to marry you, but month after month or even years roll by and you never see a ring, then he may have no intention of actually committing and marrying you. He may be completely comfortable with where the relationship currently stands even if you're not. His words say he wants to marry you, but his actions say he does not.As another example, you may be head over heels in love with a man, but he seems to always have a reason not to do things with you. Maybe you have a family gathering you'd like him to go to. Maybe he always comes home late. Maybe he has stopped being intimate with you. Regardless, he seems to have an excuse for everything. I'm busy. I don't feel well. I got tied up. I'm tired. These can be valid excuses sometimes, but when they happen repeatedly, they are most often just excuses. He may tell you he loves you, but if he's not acting like he does, then there is cause for alarm.In a relationship, it's easy to be blind to the situation. Many times it gets to the point where you find yourself making up excuses FOR your man to where he doesn't even have to do it himself. You're so in love that it's easier to make up excuses for him than to admit to yourself that he may not be in love with you anymore. The important point to remember is to read your man's actions rather than listening to his words. Actions are the true tell tale signs that will answer your question, "Does he still love me?"The good news is even if he's started to fall out of love, there's still hope of gaining the commitment and passion you so desperately seek.    For more info, visit Does He Still Love Me.

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