There was nice news for jewelers this week as both the Wall Street Journal and National Jeweler magazine reported that fashion jewelry sales were positive through November, with Black Friday sales being nice for such a bad year. Although the majority of store owners still complained that sales were slow, 47% reported an increase; a statistic which offers tentative hope that the recession may be diminishing it is grip on consumer spending. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Soldes. Understandably, stores reported a higher level of consumer spending on lower finish jewelry such as silver, while platinum and gold sales were poorer than in previous years, even scaled for the overall lower sales figures. Although luxury sales are still flat lining, more affordable collections are seeing higher sales. This may be partly due to the fact that jewelry is perceived as a high value gift, regardless of the price tag, and so makes an economical but sentimental choice at Christmas time. While it may be a long time before jewelers see a return to the strong sales figures of previous years, it is hoped that these latest reports indicate that shoppers are slowly regaining their confidence in the economy, and beginning to spend again. However, The Wall Street Journal document took it is figures from statistics released by Mastercard, which perhaps skews the results since the increase technically only measured credit card payments, and does not gauge whether there has been a rise in people spending liquid money. It could be argued that people will spend before Christmas whether they have the money obtainable to do so or not, and this could result in even poorer first quarter sales in 2010 when the credit card bills arrive. For more info, visit Soldes

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