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The ever growing music industry has made it easy, affordable and accessible to almost anyone to make music of their own today. The music industry is a thriving one. Artists, bands and avid music lovers have created a new brand way of making music that doesn't require you to spend a fortune on equipment. All you need is talent, desire, and music maker software.  Music maker software programs are those with the capability to convert, edit, burn, rip and play music in an application. It is a program in which music can be manipulated and created.   With the accessibility of internet, you don't have to spend a lot of money on top-quality music programs and products and equipment to get results. A simple search can give you many options for software that will help you make music.   Music maker software can be divided into different categories depending on their areas of function and usage. They are Sampling, Audio Editing, Drum Machines, Real Instruments/ROMplers, Synthesizers and Effects to name a few. Look over the list and find one that works best for you and get to creating! If you are interested to know more, take a look at Mega Music Maker.

1.Audacity- is easy to use with a full- featured audio editor. Additionally, it has large library of optional extras including export as MP3 and VST plug-in support. 2.High Life R1- It is a fantastic music sampler which has a lot of features like modulation filters, amplitude and multimode filters. 3.Independence- a software from Yellow Tools which is another version of their Independence sampler which provides a massive 2GB sampler library as well as MIDI functions, envelops and more. 4.DigiDrum Pro- belongs to the drum machines. It is a TR-808 and 909 clone, a sound it's supplied with, it is easy, fun and more importantly sounds great. 5.Drumatic 3- specifically talking about the E-Phonic's Drumatic 3 it is another drum machine that is inclined to be fully synthesized than sampled, concentrating more on the envelop-shaping side of drum synthesis than imitate real drum sounds.  6.Dr-Fusion 2- Odosynth's Dr- Fusion 2 is both a synthesizer and sampler. Samples can be loaded into plug-ins or use the supplied kits. Its features provide a drum synthesis section, effects, bit crusher, multiple outputs, clippers and more.

  7.DSK Brass- This software is considerably rare, making them one of the hardest instruments to imitate in software. It actually produces a decent sound. 8.String Theory- Ugo Audio's creation is a free application using physical modeling to make sounds together with arpeggiation, filters, delays, tremolo and metal module. What is amazing about this is it can imitate any string sound. 9.Organ One- Bojo'd software, Organ One, creates virtual organ complete with drawbars. On the other hand, it has LFO section with different waveform shapes for vibrato and tremolo. 10. MrRay 2.2- is an emulation of the Rhodes electric piano. It can create a broad range of sounds with all the level of controls it has. 11.Sonik Synth 2 Free- it comes with 20 synthetic sounds which could be morphed or mutated. It can play 16 different sounds on different MIDI channels. 12.Polylblit created by Andreas Ersson is packed full of features including 32-voice polyphony, three oscillators, four LFOs and two multimode filters.  13.Triple cheese 1.0- uses comb filters delaying signals and chromatically tuned and cascaded to modify tones. If you want something new give Triple Cheese a try. 14.Crystal-is a semi-modular hybrid synth that can achieve a classic status, containing a number of the most powerful synthesis methods in a package that you can get your hands on easily. 15.KarmaFX Synth- its good interface creates modular patches easy with features that include an input generator for processing external sound source and sequencers to name a few. 16. Synth 1- produces a beautiful silky sound and has rich, organic sounds that makes it different from others. Synth, with its great analogue is hard to beat. 17.Ambience- is highly tweakable digital reverb unit with its ultra-smooth, realistic sound which includes a novel variation button that adds a variety. 18.Classic Auto filter- with musician putting everything to almost in filters these days, the Classic Auto Filter will be needed, an analogue modeled four-pole filter adds movement to tracks. 19.Stardust- is a good tool for mastering mix and for track enhancement which has features of bass, stereo enhancers, treble and more. 20.Nebula 3 Free- is proficient for all kinds of effects. What makes it unique is that makers sampled the character of real hardware; with each effect being an emulation of the classic hardware unit. 21.RetroDelay- has the tone of vintage tape delay units, combined with a range of modern features. 22.Endorphin- is a dual-band compressor, giving control and power to correct certain parts of a track 23.Reaper 2.0- is an audio and MIDI sequencers with all the accompaniments. 24.ACID Xpress- is a 10-track version of mixing and matching beats of varying tempos without changing pitches and using hardware samplers. For more info, visit Mega Music Maker.

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