Wagons For Kids

What does your mind conjure up when you think about toy wagons for children? If you are like most people, you immediately imagine the traditional Radio Flyer red metal wagon. The Radio Flyer has been a toy mainstay for decades and continues to be a perennially popular toy. The folks at Radio Flyer may not be able to hold onto the toy wagon top spot indefinitely, though. Step 2 wagons are giving the traditional favorite a run for their money. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Wagons For Kids. Step 2 wagons are not made from metal like the traditional Radio Flyer. Instead, these wagons feature the company's usual rotationally molded plastic. That makes the toys lightweight and inexpensive without sacrificing durability. Step 2 is the world's largest manufacturer of products using this technique and they seem to have perfected it! The have a more rounded look than the Radio Flyer products that creates a more childlike impression.Step 2 wagons are available in a number of different models, just like their more famous red counterparts. A simple one-child wagon is only the beginning of an extensive product line that included 2-child versions, models with canopies, extra small wagons for the wee ones and a variety of other models. The wagons are available in a variety of colors and they are easy to find. The network of retailers selling Step 2 wagons is quite extensive. You can probably find one today at your local toy store or from a seemingly infinite collection of online vendors.The Step 2 wagons are also surprisingly inexpensive--especially when compared to Radio Flyer models. Some of the wagons have list prices that fall under thirty dollars and it is not impossible to find some of their smaller wagons on sale for approximately twenty dollars. Even their bigger, deluxe toy wagons tend to retail for under seventy dollars. When one contrasts this with the higher prices associated with Radio Flyer wagons, it is easy to see why Step 2 may eventually become the market leader for these toys.One might think the plastic construction of the Step 2 wagons would be inferior to alternatives like metal. That is not the case, though. While lightweight, the Step 2 wagons are quite sturdy. Additionally, they are much easier to clean than the competition, and owners do not need to contend with rust or some of the metal parts that have been known to pinch little fingers on metal wagons.If you are looking for a great toy at a great price, you should certainly consider Step 2 wagons. They are built right, priced right, come in a wide array of styles and may very well be the best toy wagons available today. For more info, visit Wagons For Kids

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