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Being one of the famous platforms, Android app development stories are heard very often. After the app attrition, malicious entry and introduction to a much advanced iPhone, let's find out what Android has in its stores to offer. Let's take a small peek at Android's current market position, and then we will proceed to the robotic world of developing Android applications.Even after the high app attrition rate, Android has managed to retain a big piece of market share. Google has a reason to rejoice as its Android mobile OS is now active on 130 million devices. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Android Apps. It has a whopping count of daily activations. Android gets activated on 550,000 devices every day.On the basis of market statistics, Apple still sticks to its numero-uno position with over 200 million iOS activated since June 2011. When we talk in terms of apps, Android is not even close to the Apple as the former acquires only 250,000 apps as compared to the latter's 425,000 apps. However, the fact is that Android app development has grounded itself in a much lesser time as compared to the iOS.Android provides a timely supply of effective apps and has never failed to provide ammunition to get its devices armed to teeth. Given the huge number of Android application development, hardly a day passes when not even a single app is added to an Android app market. Having said that, we will take a look at what's creating a buzz in the Android app development market.What's new?Cnet news reveals the official announcement of Android version 3.2. The latest version of Android operating system is soon to be seen driving the latest, fully-equipped gadgets. It means updates will arrive quickly on the range of existing Droid-driven tablets. It is called as an incremental release, which includes several API changes.Android 3.2 meets several loopholes left to be addressed in its previous versions. The highlights of Android 3.2 are as follows:Includes the optimization factor for wider screen sizes concentrating on various possible range of screen and not just the 10.1 inch.
Scalable pixels to fill the area by zooming-in without annihilating the significant screen resolution.
Includes the facility that can allow file access to apps directly from the system media store. Further, it allows the users to load the media files from the SD card to the respective app that use them.
Extended screen support API: Providing more precise control over the user interfaces across the multiple natured Android-powered devices, the new operating system offer extended screen support API. It is also meant to provide screen targeting according to their dimensions.Developers can now look forward to try hands with the newer version as Android 3.2 software development kit is freely available on its official website. Motorola Xoom is also set to receive newer updates soon. The Droid 3.2 version is also set to attract many brands such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, Acer's Iconia Tab 500 and Toshiba's Thrive. The influence that Android 3.2 is expected to gain in the market is worth watching." For more info, visit Android Apps

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