If you want to have a top of the line flat-panel television in your home, then you will need to learn how to buy a plasma TV. Plasma televisions have many advantages over ordinary TV sets. In this article, you will learn about plasma display technology and how to select the right TV for you. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Plasma. Plasma technology allows for plasma TVs to have the highest resolution of any television technology. Plasma screens have such good resolution that they can be used as a computer display. If buying a Plasma television to use as a computer monitor, be sure to select one that has VGA or SVGA inputs.A plasma TV uses a transistor electrode to display the television image. Transistor electrodes allow for the plasma television to display the image across the entire screen as a whole picture. Older TVs display images in lines, which are not as clear.Top models of plasma screens can show up to 16-million colors. This allows for a very realistic looking picture. TVs that are not plasma usually cannot show as many shades of color making the picture less realistic looking.Plasma TVs are also completely flat. This allows for a much wider viewing angle than tube set televisions. A better viewing angle allows for people who do not have a direct view a much clearer looking picture.Plasma televisions can also save you a lot of space. A 55-inch plasma television may only be a few inches wide and light enough that it could even be hung on a wall. For more info, visit Plasma.

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