Rent a Car Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its amazing landscapes and attracts more and more tourists every year with its wide territory of wildness. On the other hand, a big part of Costa Rica’s landscape can only be visited by a 4x4 car because of its rough terrain and poor road infrastructure. You don’t have to bring you car because you will find there trust-worthy car rental companies which offers you full services at an acceptable price. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Rent a Car Costa Rica.

The average costs of renting a car in Costa Rica are between $45 and $140(4x4) for a day. You can rent a car as soon as you get to the San Jose national airport, because there are many car rental companies settled there. Companies may also give you a ride to your hotel and send the car you want to rent later there, if it isn’t available on the moment. Still, you need to take into account that, if you decide to go downtown with the rented car you must be prepared for the crowded streets.

Costa Rica has a constant circulation of tourists during the year and the national car rental companies can’t cover the market demand, because they don’t have enough cars. To avoid this, and to keep you from spending extra money for a last-minute renting, you can make an early booking of the car you want online (on the company’s website) or through their toll-free numbers. This way is easier for you to rent a car and ensure your ride once you get to Costa Rica saving money and time.

Despite the class of the vehicle you are driving, there are many practicable roads in Costa Rica – the main roads and some arteries. If you rent a 4x4 car you could visit a wider part of Costa Rica, being able to drive onto the damaged and full of holes side roads without being afraid that you’ll get stuck somehow or that your car isn’t powerful enough to climb the terrain. A 4x4 car gives you the freedom to view almost any part of the country making the trip safer and allowing you to enjoy the ride, even if it’s going to be a bit bumpy.

When you want to make a deal with a respected car rental company in Costa Rica, besides the rental documents that you have to sign, the company will offer you a road map as a token of gratitude to help you move around the country more easily. If you want to be sure that you won’t get lost, you can rent a GPS system for $10 a day. Having a GPS isn’t a basic need, but this type of electronic guiding system offers you great advantages: more freedom for navigation and better directions for taking the shortest roads and eliminate the stress of finding a specific address and number by reading a common paper map or asking people to guide you till you get there. A GPS system will only facilitate you driving and will help you use you time more efficient that wasting it to get somewhere. For more info, visit Rent a Car Costa Rica.

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