Magic Tricks Revealed

Doing simple yet powerful magic tricks is a great way to not only entertain people, but also a fantastic way to make friends. This simple trick you'll learn in this article will do just that. It's an up close trick that doesn't require special props or technique.Here's how the trick looks to your friends. You tell them you have recently developed some telekinetic abilities. You can tell them you were hit by lighting, or a lamp fell in the bathtub while you were taking a bath or something. You skills are fairly new, so you are still working out the kinks. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Magic Tricks Revealed. You can only repel small objects with the power of thought. You haven't yet learned how to lift up X-Wing fighters like Yoda.You ask if somebody has a cigarette. Put the cigarette on the table, and begin to summon your newly found telekinetic skills. Hold your hand cupped behind the cigarette, and it will mysteriously roll toward you. You place both hands on either side of the cigarette, and it moves away from you. Drop your hands, and head, and command somebody to bring you a soda so you can recharge your mental powers. If you're lucky, you'll be drinking free sodas all night without paying a dime.Here's the secret. When you have your hand cupped behind the cigarette, simply blow into your hand. Your breath will swirl from your hand, and push the cigarette. Holding both hands on either side of the cigarette, it will naturally roll away from you. If you think this is too obvious, and you'll get caught, think again. With the right set up, people will be looking at the cigarette and not your face.It's important to practice this so you know exactly how to hold your lips and where to point your mouth when you're blowing. Also make sure you aren't doing this in an area with any transient wind, like from an overhead fan or an open window. Like any other simple trick, this works best with a long, convoluted setup, and then quickly doing the trick and removing the prop. Be careful not to spend too much time "in position" than you have to. With practice, you'll be able blow covertly, so that even if they do suspect something, they won't be able to see it.It goes without saying that the best place this works is in bars or parties, and when you are talking about something other than magic. Just covertly introduce the idea of you suddenly having psychic powers. Place the cigarette on the table in front of you, and get on with your patter for a while before you do the trick, that will increase their focus on the cigarette itself, and not you. A great way to cover yourself, is to act surprised every time the cigarette moves, as if you still can't believe your telekinetic powers. Have fun with this. For more info, visit Magic Tricks Revealed

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