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Costa Rica Car Rental Insurance

How to make a sound purchasing decision when renting a car in Costa Rica!

There is a big relationship between time and mileage rates and insurance rate variations when booking car rental services in Costa Rica. International Franchises among other car rental agencies as well as online comparison sites play a big role advertising low rates to attract customers and franchised car rental companies have to play with insurance and all kind of operational fees to level and make a profit. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Dean Krieg.

The main types of insurance coverage offered by Costa Rica rental car companies at pick up locations are:

CDW /LDW (Collision and Loss damage waiver) covers damages to the rental vehicle and is established with a security deposit( $750-$2500). It is usually an optional feature that limits customer responsibility. CDW may be declined when Gold and Platinum credit cards provide primary coverage (Amex, Visa, and Master Card insurance programs). Written documentation must be provided to decline it otherwise it will be mandatory. The actual CDW policy will vary in rates among agencies so find out how much it is to budget well a car rental service. Rates may go from $5 to $ 12 per day depending on the vehicle.

ALI/TPL/SLI (third party liability insurance popular concepts): Third party Insurance is a mandatory coverage that protects the renter against claims made by third parties in the event of an accident. Car Rental companies cover themselves through INS with this policy to avoid civil responsibility in court in case something happens and is passed onto any customer renting a vehicle. Customer driving behavior can be liable to court so credit cards do not mess around with this. Rates may go from $15 to $25 per day. Liability or civil responsibility is not covered by any credit card insurance program.

ZERO DEDUCTIBLE -this is an optional coverage intended to reduce responsibility when combined with liability and collision. For customers who want to travel worry free, full Insurance coverage is available partially and in full by some companies. The cost may go from $10 to $25 per day.

The big difference between Costa Rica and other countries such as the USA and Canada is that international insurance companies do not operate here so clients are not covered by car rental insurance programs when renting vehicles in Costa Rica. The only policy accepted through credit card holders is collision when written documentation is provided. For more info, visit Dean Krieg.

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