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Melesta and Alawar have given us a great reason to be happy this week, as they have released the third installment of their extremely successful series of farming strategy games- Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party. The same addictive game play, the same cute graphics, the same challenging tasks - and even more fun with new features and 90 levels. Farming is easy? Yes, and fun! If you are interested to know more, take a look at Farm Mania.
As in previous games, there is no special story, you just get your farm and start playing. Of course, on the first of the 90 levels you begin with a single chicken, a well, warehouse and a truck. Later on you'll be able to raise 10 types of animals and produce 28 types of goods in 15 different buildings, each with a number of possible upgrades. 
The basic game play is the same as in the first two parts. You have goals for each level and not actually a time limit, but a recommended time within which you should finish a level if you wish to get a bonus. And the bonuses may be crucial for proceeding, as before each level you need to buy the necessary upgrade, and if you are short of money, you'll have to replay some of previous ones in order to get more stars, which are the currency at this stage. The levels do not just go one by one, at some points you can choose where to move, so you are given a certain level of freedom in how you play, though you'll still have to pass everything to complete the game.  
As to the course of a level, it's up to you to decide on the strategy. The goals usually tell that you must produce a certain number of certain goods, have a certain number of certain animals or just a certain amount of money. At the beginning of every level you get some resources, like money, buildings (egg powder factory or a pizzeria, for example) and animals, and each goods you produce require special ingredients and have their price, so knowing that and the goals you can create your own strategy. And if replay a level, you can do it any other way and see if you can do better. Tip: try to always have enough grass for your animals to eat, otherwise they might die of hunger. And pick the products quickly if you don't want them disappear. 
The main addition in this game is Pizza. You'll be able to cook several national variants of the dish and have a trophy for each of them! 
Bears, cats and dogs, upgrading your truck and plane and buying products from the town areall here - for more fun! Masterful visuals, country sounds and strategical diversity - do you need anything else for enjoying Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party?  For more info, visit Farm Mania

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