Cool Things to do in New York

A New York pass is going to show you as much about New York's history, as it will the present day. In fact, obtaining this pass is almost like having a ticket to time travel in your hand. Not only that, but, without it you would most likely squander your vacation by walking around aimlessly, with your mouth open. This wonderful key to adventure comes with a large, beautiful guidebook, and more than 1,000 dollars' worth of entry fees for over 55 attractions.If you have ever wondered what it would be like to drift away over the skyline of New York, you will have your chance. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Cool Things to do in New York. One of the attractions is the New York Skyride, and it takes place across the skyline of New York without leaving the second story of The Empire State Building. You will be on a moving platform that, together with an 18-foot high definition screen, will give you the breathtaking experience of touring New York while floating across the sky. This attraction is narrated by Actor Kevin Bacon.Time travel was mentioned at the beginning of this article, and a good place to start is to take the Manhattan By Sail tour. You will be whisked across the Manhattan shoreline on an authentic Clipper Ship. You will probably experience the same feelings of wonder and awe that early immigrants to this country felt over 100 years ago.Before television, when life was much more simple, people had a huge radio that was centrally located in their home. That is where the family would gather together to listen to radio shows broadcast by NBC, among the other networks that were available. By taking the NBC Studios tour, your first stop will land you in the NBC History Theatre. There, your guide will regale you with stories from the early days of radio, explain how the sound effects were created, and show you how the studios made the transition to TV.Before you return to the modern era, take an earth-shaking trip through the new Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour. You will hear the stories about slavery, and the war that rocked our nation. You will also travel the underground railroad trail, and visit the historic homes of the citizens who sheltered the slaves. After your New York pass is used up, and you return home, you will retain memories that will never fade away, and, in fact, that may change you forever. For more info, visit Cool Things to do in New York.           

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