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Founded in a time when perplexity loomed over the hearts and minds of millions across the planet, this company that you are about to learn about has constructed a throne fit for a queen. More specifically the queen of fruits.This more modern company called Xango, has seen some of the greatest growth found within the Network Marketing Industry over the past decade.In the next few minutes, we will reveal the 4 main elements that uphold this industry titan, why they are loved on a global scale, what you'll need to do to win, and learn about a 5 Step Internet Blueprint that can help you along the way.Let's begin! The Company Xango was established on September 11, 2002 by six savvy and confident entrepreneurs. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Sherman Unkefer. Their objective was to create a new product category in the health and wellness spectrum found within the network marketing industry.Since it's conception, Xango has since dominated the mangosteen landscape globally and has taken health principles (found within their mangosteen fruit) and applied to a vast array of other products in other sectors.The original founders were Gary Hollister, Aaron Garrity, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood, and Bryan Davis. All of these gentlemen had earlier (prior to the creation of Xango) been flourishing business owners and industry participants within the network marketing industry.Now (due to the enormous success of Xango), the original founders have taken a step back from the daily duties and has installed an experienced and well crafted executive management team.This team is lead by Xango CEO, Robert Conlee, who has a rather extensive resume of successful business management and success in his career. His mission is to carry out the wishes and vision created and still influenced by the founders.The original Xango founders still remain as a major influence in the direction of the company as chairmen who over see the direction of the company.The ProductThe flagship product created back in 2002, was mangosteen juice made up of an actual fruit puree of the mangosteen fruit from southeast Asia.The fruit (gardenia mangostana) has been said to have many different and natural healing properties tied into it's consumption. Some of the mangosteen benefits mentioned revolve around the powerful antioxidants (called xanthones) found within the fruits pericarp.Since the creation and success (due to the benefits), Xango has since moved it's xanthone rich technology into other fields that also complement the body.List of Other Products:1.) Glimpse Skin Care - All natural skin cleansing and purifying skin care system.
2.) Juni - Mangosteen enriched body washes, lotions, body bars, shampoo and conditioners.
3.) Eleviv - A supplement developed to restore the body's natural balance that provides sustained physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional balance.
4.) Xango 3SIXTY5 - Men and women's dietary supplement designed to maintain optimal health.
5.) Xango Meal Pack - A meal replacement program to feed severely malnourished and staving people in third world nations.The CompensationBy sharing the many benefits of mangsteen, Xango has worked out a tough as nails compensation plan to pay to it's distributor force.Based on some of the most successful compensation plans found within the industry, Xango's compensation plan is called an Uni-Level. This means, individual distributors sign up customers and or new distributors into a horizontal formation.There are 4 ways to generate income within this Uni-level compensation plan.1.) Retail Sales - distributors can purchase the products at wholesale and sell them retail, making a profit in the markup.2.) Power Start - paid to distributors based on initial sales of new representatives or customers on a weekly scale.3.) UniLevel - income based on the continued monthly (continuity plan) purchase of Xango products. This process is called an autoship program.4.) Bonus Pools - quarterly bonus pools derived from 3% of the global sales within Xango.The StrategyThe strategy found within Xango revolves around the rank called 1K. Inside of Xango, the rank of 1K is the foundation behind the success of all other ranks and income levels found within this company.The requirements of 1K are the following:$100 Personal Volume
$100 Autodrop Program
$1,000 Group Volume
3 Personally Sponsored Customers / DistributorsBut the question remains. what is the process one should go to reach the first major rank (and backbone) of the Xango compensation plan?Considering the "old school" nature and culture found within this company, it's not all that uncommon for most distributors to purchase leads, approach people within 3 feet, prospect grocery clerks and so on.For the majority of the leaders inside of Xango (Sherman Unkefer, Andy Willoughby), their vast empires were created by using older and some would say, "outdated" techniques used in prior decades.Even when some of these strategies should still work today, new school networking techniques are proving to be a faster and more modern approach to building an international Xango business.Today, more modern network marketers are learning how to generate their own leads and business by using the power of the internet. By simply creating a marketing system (not taught or found within the company at all), distributors can now build a business anywhere in the world with as little an internet connection and a laptop.To reach the highest levels found within this company, Xango distributors need to adopt to more modern methods of marketing. These distributors need to have knowledge of the very basics of internet marketing and extend their skill base to reach out to more qualified customers and or distributors in order to run a success business for the future. For more info, visit Sherman Unkefer.            

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