Web Design Trends 2011

Creating a website is highly artistic and creative process, in which designers can devote themselves entirely to their passion of aesthetics. Of course, like and dislike lies in the eye of the beholder and design choices are also determined by the specific purpose of a website. Nevertheless, like in any other creative field, be it fashion or modern art, there are certain popular trends that catch the eyes of many spectators. If you are interested, check out Web Design Trends 2011. This article provides a sneak preview of the design trends for the year 2011. Typography already occurred repetitively in 2010 web designs and will continue to be an ongoing web design trend. In form of world maps, animals or even human depictions, typography elements, either in black and white or in color, are hip in 2011. Another emerging trend is the use of minimalistic layouts. Serving the purpose of user-friendliness, minimalistic layouts make website navigation easy and do not distract site visitors from finding what they are looking for.

Another emerging trend in the web design sphere is personalized, hand-crafted looking designs and graphics. Website owners aim to make their website stand out with an artistic, individual tone. This is best achievable with help of highly creative, hand-made drawings. Instead of using pictures of people drawings might convey a more personalized atmosphere. Another ongoing website trend in 2011 is the use of social networking links. In order to integrate globally outreaching marketing efforts, every web design company in India, Russia, Mexico or elsewhere, will recommend links to social network sites such Facebook or Twitter. Many businesses join the social networking revolution and link their homepage to the social online platforms.

Headings and footings that are exaggerated in size represent another trend of website designing in 2011. Expressing creative statements, they serve as a teaser to explore the rest of a website or simply as an intention-catcher. Their popularity underlines the important fact that users are not patient and willing to do long searches on a site. In case a visitor does not find what he or she is looking for, another website is just two clicks away.

In a nutshell, design trends are only recommendable to be followed if they suit the purpose of your website. In case a financial institution aims to offer their services, extraordinary drawings or oversized headers would be inappropriate and confuse the visitors. Future website owner should ideally make design options with help of a professional design company, in India for instance. In case a website serves an artistic purpose, creativity should not have any limits.  For more details, visit Web Design Trends 2011.  

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