Brad Fallon

Recently there was quite a stir on the internet over some free videos by Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon called Going Natural. Going Natural was basically some videos showing about how a couple of websites were pulling in about $16,000. a day by organic search. They also showed scientific studies how pay per click (PPC) ads only gets a fraction of the traffic and clicks received versus sites which appear in the top 3 positions of organic search results. The videos were hyped by many established internet marketers with a combined mailing list of over 940,000 people. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Brad Fallon. Even the Rick Jerk was getting into the action, taking credit for Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon's success by claiming that he taught them much of what has made them successful. The video series and hype continued for the entire month of September 2006 with a new free video being released about once a week. This was butterfly marketing at it's finest! And the cliff hanger was the scheduled opening of a new membership network called StomperNet, where members could learn SEO Secretes (Search Engine Optimization) revealing how among other things to get their site in the coveted top ten position on the big 3 search engines; MSN, Yahoo and Google.But the price.. everyone wondered how much this membership would cost? I thought it would probably be something reasonable.. about $97.00 per month. Well, about a day before the grand opening, the price was finally revealed.. a whopping $797 per month! Wow, I could hardly believe such a high price for membership. That's about what most people spends a month for their house payment! What was even more unbelievable was emails I received on the day of the grand opening from Andy Jenkins indicating that when StomperNet went online, they had 50 people join in the first 30 seconds and that the membership was sold out in a matter of hours. It was reported that this was one of the most successful debuts of a new web site in the history of the internet garnering a Alexa traffic rank of 134 on the day the site opened - 10/3/06. If nothing else, this demonstrates how desperate some people are to get their web sites in the top ten position on the big 3 search engines. For more info, visit Brad Fallon

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