While more and more men are starting to square away their lives and their wardrobe they are finding that advice on PUA Fashion is sometimes hard to come by. Some people do not understand what "PUA Fashion" represents, which is different that Peacocking. Peacocking is something you wear that is unique and usually attractive to help you stand out and appear different from the rest of the guys. PUA Fashion is simply a concept that describes the way a person dresses to not only impress, but because that person is simply trying to improve every area in their life.If you are interested, check out PUA. How one dresses has been proven to affect ones self-confidence and also how one performs. A perfect example would the phrase "Dress for Success". Dressing nice and investing a little time to make sure you nice and clean cut will help you stand out from the majority of people that do not care about such things. Wearing unique items such as cross pendants and other objects made to "look" like crosses such as sword crosses, are all fashionable ways of standing out with a meaning and add to your other PUA Accessories.

Crosses come in many different shapes and sizes, assuring you that finding one to fit your unique personality will be quite simple. One of the more common types of crosses that you will find in every category is the silver cross pendant because it blends with just about any type of style and status any one person may have. They also offer the durability factor and tends to be one of the less expensive options to choose from rather than per say gold or diamond encrusted crosses. Some of the more popular styles of silver cross pendants are listed below:

1. Sword Cross Pendant - this type of pendant tends to be a more masculine and powerful symbol of strength and leadership which is appealing for most men. This can reach a wide variety of types of guys such as fighters, to policemen, or soldiers, and give any general guy a sense of authority and control.

2. Silver Cross Pendant- this can target a wide variety of styles such as Celtic, Tribal, Spanish, all of which are somewhat tied into a spiritual meaning of some sort. This type of cross is probably the most common and the easiest to find at any major retailer at a great price!

3. Engraved Cross Rings- rings being worn on a necklace is becoming more and more popular for those who like the "idea" of having a ring but their job or every day life doesn't allow for such a thing. Being able to wear an engraved cross ring around the neck can be a major plus for guys who do manual labor or work with their hands as a living and want to show their faith and commitment or for some special meaning but can't because of certain restraints.For more info, visit PUA.

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