Steel Windows

It is no suprise that steel is the most popular choice for windows with architects. They provide a beautiful classic look or a nice modern look depending on the style. Below you will find 5 key reasons why an architect may prefer to use steel framed windows over an alternative.

Firstly, due to the strength of the metal it is possible to create windows with narrow sightlines. It just is not possible to create sightlines this narrow with the alternatives available such as aluminium, UPVC or wood. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Steel Windows.

Second, steel is such a strong metal (which is why it allows for the narrow sightlines that we covered above). When comparing it to the alternative, aluminium, it is far stronger, some tests have shown it to be 3 times stronger. As well as allowing for the narrow sightlines, it also allows the windows to hold larger and heavier panes of glass than usual.

Thirdly, steel is a very versatile metal used for creating windows. It doesnt matter what style house they are going into, whether its a traditional barn conversion or a brand new office block in the city, steel windows will look the part and enhance the building. As it is so versatile it has been used in a variety of properties over the years including churches and cathedrals, schools and universities, commercial properties, hospitals, shops, factories and of course residential properties.

The fourth reason for selecting steel windows is that they have such a long lifecycle. If you compare steel windows to either wood and UPVC frames you will see how the lifecycle compares. There are certain windows in Europe which are over a 100 years old and still going! Even when steel windows do fail, this is usually more to do with a problem with the frame around the window or the glass inside the frame rather than a problem with the actual steel frame.

The final reason why steel windows are so popular is their great fire rating. For this reason, they are very popular windows for many commercial properties and office buildings. The variety of windows available made from steel is so wide, incorporating all of the design features and benefits we have listed in the above points.

Now you know the main reasons why steel windows are so popular among arhcitects and the reasons why the other alternatives are not real alternatives. Your project will be unique so you will need to consider which material is the best for you as steel windows may have benefits you do not need, and lack some you do. For more info, visit Steel Windows.

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