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So which kind of pool--above-ground or in-ground--is right for you? Whether you choose an above-ground or an in-ground pool depends on your current as well as long-term needs, and your specific situation. You can make your final decision once you've weighed all the pros and cons for each type of pool.There are a number of important factors to consider with respect to choosing either an above-ground or an in-ground pool, such as budget and price, the size of your lot or yard, the time and money it will take for maintenance, installation, and more. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Secard Pools. Always ask plenty of questions to pool companies and prospective contractors regarding any pool in which you might be interested; questions about total price, maintenance, installation, and service.That said, let's delve into some of the particulars with respect to the pros and cons of both above-ground and in-ground pools.Above-ground pools Pros:
inexpensive--almost always significantly cheaper than in-ground pools

portable--you can easily take the pool down at any time as needed. If you move, the pool can come with you, or you can give it away or sell it, or even leave it for the buyers

quick installation--above-ground pools are much quicker to set up than in-ground pools. You can be swimming a day or two after installation begins

selection--there is a wide assortment of options as far as the siding, decking, pattern, color, size, and shape of the pool are concerned

above-ground pools are perfect for homeowners (or even home renters) with smaller yards and lots as they require much less space than in-ground pools

maintenance generally is not time-consuming

smaller than in-ground pools, which means less space to swim and less capacity for number of swimmers

usually considered less esthetically pleasing

one depth only; no deep end

not as sturdy, strong, durable, or long-lasting as in-ground pools

In-ground poolsPros:
considered a permanent home improvement and a long-term investment, adding value to your home for potential buyers

generally viewed as more esthetically pleasing

strong, durable, and longer-lasting

in-ground pools are larger than above-ground pools, with multiple depths, and a deep end

there are many different types of in-ground pools to choose from, most notably concrete (with different finishing options), vinyl liner, and fiberglass

perfect for large lots and yards with lots of extra space

often much more expensive than above-ground pools

longer installation time than with above-ground pools

not portable--in-ground pools are permanent additions to homes, and a long-term commitment is required

not appropriate for smaller yards

keep in mind that pool maintenance will vary depending on the type of in-ground pool you choose

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to take into considerations when deciding between an above-ground and an in-ground pool. Figure out what you need, weigh your options, and do some research to find out which kind of pool is the best one for you and your family. For more info, visit Secard Pools.            

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