Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Planning a stagette party for a bride-to-be is a great way for the bride and her friends to blow off some steam and get a little wild before the big day. If you're planning a stagette party, there are tons of great and original stagette party ideas.Stagette Party or Bridal Shower?There is a big difference here, a bachelorette party usually gets a little more wild and is also a girls night out event. A bridal shower is traditionally a more formal event. The stagette party is the girls version of the stag party. The bachelorette party has only developed as a popular event in the last 20 or 30 years.Bachelorette party ideasWhile the bachelor parties are traditionally about freedom, getting drunk and going to the strip clubs for the guys, a stagette party is more about the bride-to-be bonding with female friends. Many brides do choose a night of frivolity, such as male exotic dancers and lots of booze. A general theme is usually about having fun and sharing the evening with great friends. When it comes to deciding on the Bachelorette party games, it is advised to involve the bride-to-be and find out exactly what she likes and enjoy doing. Start there, then look at your options based on her desires.Bachelorette party locationsStagette parties can take place at the home of the bride-to-be or the person throwing the party for her. A community hall can also be rented for the night, where you can bring all the alcohol, games, movies or entertainment you need. Hiring a limousine to get the group to and from places is also great idea for transportation. Restaurants often have private rooms that can be reserved for parties. Spa retreats have become quite popular as Bachelorette party themes. If you are interested, check out Las Vegas Bachelor Party. Enjoy a full day of relaxing facials, massages, hot stone massages and many other treatments. A nightclub is one if the more popular locations at the end of the night.  
Some other great Bachelorette party games would be to get Exotic Dancing lessons. This is a little more on the wild side and would have to be something the bride would actually do. These classes are getting very popular and are popping up even in health clubs or can be done in a private home too.Stagette party ideas : The Vegas TripWhen anyone talks about bachelorette parties, Vegas usually comes up at some point. The first thing that also comes up in this conversation is "How much is that going to be". This is probably considered by most as the big time for stagette parties. Why? Because everything goes there. There is a huge list of VIP services you can get for Vegas bachelorettes, everything from the most lavish tours to the dirtiest night you can imagine. Lets be a little reasonable instead... forget the dirty dives. When it comes to Las Vegas stagette party ideas, you will need a lot more lead time and planning. Getting the entire group to go is also tricky and needs some planning too. A Budget is also required for a larger group and the more group rates you can find, the better. You will need at least $1500 + for each person , if you are flying there, if you are within driving distance, then your costs will go down. A typical weekend party starts on Thursday night, or Friday morning, to Sunday night. Most flight and hotel packages will be like this too. If your group can't afford it, then drop it, don't push it. If you can afford, it is a great time, do it. You can hire a VIP service to plan the entire trip, or just one day. You can also find great tour companies to get you into the best tours, night club or skydiving tours is just a start.Bachelorette party themesWith any location or event you decide to do for the party, you can always supplement it with a theme. Start with an embarrassing outfit for the bride-to-be, a girls night out kit, beads and crazy glasses, the list is long, use your imagination. And if you don't have one, hit up a few party favor stores or some online shops for some other Stagette ideas. If you want to make it a full theme, then everyone attending will have to get dressed up in the same theme or outfit. You can rent them ( get insurance ) or make them yourself. It can be as cheap and simple as everyone wearing the same t-shirt, to full costumes.Bachelorette party foodPlanning the food for your the bachelorette party is not always necessary if you are going out to restaurants or clubs. However, if you are having a party at a private house, hall or meeting room, then you might need to plan the food and beverages to serve. You can have it catered, which is the easiest and least stressful to plan. Cooking and bringing all the food yourself is a little tougher, but still workable. You can even get a theme cake from local shops and stores, the list is endless. Make sure to arrange your alcoholic beverages and/or a bartender if needed.  For more info, visit Las Vegas Bachelor Party

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