Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

So, you have the distinct honor of planning your best friend's bachelorette party? Planning one can be so much fun! Oh, wait. There's a problem. You aren't sure what to do because money is pretty tight right now for everyone involved? Not to worry. I'll give you some ideas for a great bachelorette party that won't break anyone's wallet. If you are interested, check out Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages. Bachelorette party planning on a budget doesn't mean you have to give the bride a cheap party. The ideas presented here will never give her any idea that you were trying to save money.The first thing you'll have to do to keep the cost down is have the party someplace local. Which means, no trips to Las Vegas. Sorry. This leaves you with a couple of options. You can have the party at someone's house, or you can celebrate out in public.The best thing for your budget is going to be a night in. Most of your money will be spent on alcohol and entertainment. Martinis and other hard liquor drinks will run you $8 a piece (of course, it all depends on the city you're partying in), and up. A good money saving idea (if you absolutely must go out) is to drink a lot before you even go out (but remember to get yourself a designated driver).Purchase alcohol and get yourself a bartending book. It is easy enough for you and your friends to make the same drinks as you can get at a bar - and at a fraction of the cost. You can even see if one of your male friends would be willing to tend bar for your party.For entertainment, you'll want to skip the strippers. It's not only the cost of hiring one, but the endless dollar bills you'll be stuffing down his pants. If you really want a stripper/dancer, there is an alternative. You could see if one of your male friends (maybe the bartender you convinced to help at your party) would be willing to dance for you.It doesn't have to be someone with rock-hard abs, either. Have you ever seen the episode of Friends where Danny Devito was the stripper for Phoebe's bachelorette party? Party of the fun can be cheering for a guy who isn't embarrassed by his lack of physical prowess.For other entertainment, there are numerous games you can play. The Cherry Game, Bridal Pictionary, Pin The Macho On The Man (I bet you can guess what the macho is), Bridal Shower Bingo, Would You Rather, and Guess What's In The Bag are just a few ideas to get you started.If money is tight, and you want to throw a fun bachelorette party, planning to have the party at home is your best bet. You can enjoy the same kinds of drinks, and have the same type of entertainment you would if you had your party out in a public setting. You won't have any less fun, and the best part is, you'll save money doing it. For more info, visit Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

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