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Knowledge they say is power, and it takes power to reign in this world of uncertainty.Many fail in online business today not because they lack courage and desire to make it, neither is it that they are not blessed with a mission and a vision, but because they lack the working knowledge of what I called 'Almighty Formula'This universal formula is the major tool behind the success of many online gurus ever known to the world.It is the secret that Internet gurus such as Armand Morin, Brad Fallon, Brett Tabke, Brian Lusk, Carl Galletti, and twenty others discovered to get their names imprinted among 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus of our time as published in a book titled "Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful On line Marketing Gurus." by Michael Miller.It is the secret Ewen Chia discovered and became the world #1 Super Affiliate. Why? because he was able to build an empire of ;hundreds of thousands of new affiliates into his online businesses. Thereby rising from zero level to an hero by the application of one formula. Today, he is known as an high mover in virtually all on line businesses in which he is involved.What then is this Almighty formula?The formula is no other one than the ancient law of marketing called "The Law of Averages"which simply states that the more people you meet, the more sales you make. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Brad Fallon. A good understanding of this law established the fact that network business is not a magic, it is only a trade with figures. The higher the number of traffic to your site, the more sign ups you are definitely going to have.This is where so many people missed it in on line business, they have tried hard to convince their friends and relatives to join in their online crusade and it doesn't yield any result, and because they are forced to continually pay monthly subscription for such a program, they simply see it as a loss and take the next exit out of the business.The truth is that every successful online marketer had to first keep on referring people into his business everyday for quite some months before the business begins to grow. It works only on the law of averages.It is not all your prospects that will buy your product, chances are that none of them may even buy, but your persistence and dogged determination rooted in law of averages will one day take you to your destination.Get this fact that every no you receive bring you closer to a yes.This is the reason why in my opinion every great destiny must first meet with a temporary defeat.The word of the acclaimed success author, Napoleon Hill, in his widely read book titled think and grow rich talk about it this way as I quote " Sometimes it appears that there is a hidden guide whose duty is to test men through all sorts of discouraging experiences. Those who pick themselves up after defeat nd keep on trying arrive; and the world cries, "Bravo! I knew you could do it!" The hidden guide lets no one enjoy great achievement without passing the persistence test. Those who can't take it simply do not make the grade."If you will make the grade in online business, you will need to pass the persistence test in prospecting.Have this mind set that only about 30 percent of your prospect will be positive, out of this positive 30 percent, 15 percent will not have resources available to follow through, five percent will have different excuses to procrastinate while only ten percent will be willing and ready.The secret of a successful life is to just keep on keeping on even when things seems not to be working.The law of averages works. For more info, visit Brad Fallon

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