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When we bought our first home, one of the things that we were attracted to was the large tree in the front yard. If you are interested, check out Huntsville Tree Service. It was late in autumn, so the tree had already shed its leaves, but we thought that in the spring and summer, having that big awesome tree in the front yard would provide us with shade and be something fun for our children to climb and enjoy. We bought the home and began to fix the place up, planning for the landscaping we wanted to do in spring as well as how we wanted the house to look on the inside, and anxiously awaited the change of the season.When spring came, we discovered that our big beautiful tree had some real issues. The leaves came in sparsely, and there was a lot of dead branches woven throughout the entirety of the tree. We knew that we needed a tree pruning service to come and clean up the tree if it was ever going to be restored to its former glory. As the season went on, the leaves that did grow did not turn green, but remained a sickly yellow. When autumn approached, the leaves quickly fell off, and when the other trees in the neighborhood were just barely beginning to change colors, our tree was completely bare. While we were disappointed at how the tree ended up, we saw what the challenges would be in rehabilitating it and opted to have the tree pruning service chop it down altogether.  For more details, visit Huntsville Tree Service.

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