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Safety is a high commodity for a person's social ineptness and comfort. Our mind focuses on safety as one of the first criterion when making a decision. We no longer run to the caves like the cavemen, and have a lot more diverse knowledge, but it is "safe" to say that lack of safety is our number one fear. If you are interested, check out Movers San Jose CA. Have you thought about moving, or a safe place to live? Then you came to the right place. San Jose is one of the safest cities in America. Mercers Quality of living Survey put the entire Bay Area on their list of the Worlds best living conditions. The Bay area was 29th. It is safe to say that up against the World San Jose fairs well, when it comes to quality and safety.I am going to throw some stats at you. Don't be alarmed it just shows how San Jose was ranked one of the least violent cities in the United States. With a population of a little more than 900,000 people, San Jose's crime rate was 2.6. What does that mean? This means that for every 100,000 people that live in San Jose they have a 2.6 homicide rate. Compare this to the highest; Baltimore at 43.5, San Jose is nearly 90% below the national average and much lower than our Oriole friends. And with the stats covering all American cities you will see that San Jose is the safest city in America, among cities with populations over 500,000. I hope you San Jose readers are feeling proud.San Jose's robbery rate is also very low compared to the top dog in this category, New York City. It is also the lowest of the 500,000 pop cities as well. Research showed that out of 100,000 people San Jose's robbery rate is 86.4. To give you an idea on how low this is New York, LA, and San Francisco were well over 300. It may not be a good idea to park your car in a dark alley, or walk alone in the middle of the night, but in San Jose you can at least feel a bit more comforted knowing your city is the safest in America and the people and stuff that live in it is too.  For more info, visit Movers San Jose CA.

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