Micro Pig

As many people are aware, keeping small pigs or Micro pigs as they are know is rapidly becoming the new must have craze in pets. But how many people stop and consider what is really involved in caring for them, before undertaking such a commitment? So what do you need to think about before you indulge yourself in "Piggy Heaven"? Just because Paris and Victoria both have them doesn't mean you should rush off to micro pigs UK, shouting show me the bacon!  If you are interested, check out Micro Pig.
We wonder why animals live the lives they do when such people use them as fashion accessories, the mind boggles as to why reputable breeders would want to sell these lively intelligent creatures to anyone who hasn't given serious thought to Pig Ownership and are only interested in this Years "must have" fad.  
Something to think about before getting a Micro pig: 
Do you have the time to take care of it? Pigs are very sociable animals and ideally should be kept in pairs. 
Do you have room, I know there have been reports of pigs living in flats and apartments, but get real, do you really think that's a viable option. 
Pigs like to root, its in their nature, so they need a good outside space, with adequate shelter and ideally should live outside for most of the time at least. 
Take time to do your homework, find out everything you need to know, about their environment, nutritional needs, habits and so on. 
Last of all, the little piglet that you take home will not remain that size, the concept of teacup pigs is rubbish, yes they are delightful as piglets and may well fit into a teacup at this tender age, but a fully grown Micro Pig is about the same size as a medium sized dog or even bigger. 
If after careful consideration you still decide that a Micro pig is for you, then I wish you and your pig every happiness in the world, if taken care of properly they make wonderful pets and are great fun to own but remember a pig is for life not just a fad. For more info, visit Micro Pig.

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