Guitar Modes

The Dorian Mode is the second mode of the Major Scale. It is a minor mode and differs from the natural minor scale only in that the 6th note in the Dorian Scale is sharp.Construction of the Dorian Scale:The Dorian Scale is based on the second note of the major scale. The pattern of whole and half steps is as follows:W H W W W H WIf you follow this pattern, you will create a scale which begins on the second note of the major scale and has the same key signature as the major scale. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Guitar Modes. EXAMPLES D Dorian--D E F G A B C DA Dorian--A B C D E F# G A***NOTE : There are 2 ways to think about the construction of the Dorian Scale:1. Begin with the major scale of the same name and flat the 3rd and 7th notes. For example, D Dorian would be the D Major Scale with a flatted 3rd and flatted seventh.2. Begin with the 2nd note of the "tonic" major scale and write a scale that has the same key signature as the tonic. For example, the D Dorian Scale is a scale beginning and ending on D with the key signature of C Major.Using the Dorian Scale ModeThe Dorian Scale has a major 6th. This gives it a bright sound compared to the aolian and the phrygian modes, which contain the minor 6th making them sound darker.The Dorian Scale is used in playing over minor seventh chords. The ii, iii, and vi chords in a Major chord progression are minor seventh chords.One of the most common chord progressions for the Dorian Mode is the ii - V. If you listen to Carlos Santana, you have heard this use of the Dorian Mode. If you want to sound like Santana, try combining the Dorian Mode with the pentatonic minor scale.It is ESSENTIAL to have a working knowledge of chord progressions in order to fully understand modal scales. You also need thorough familiarity with and the ability to play the major scales fluently. For more detailed information, visit Guitar Modes.

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