Golf Overlap Grip

One of the most important building blocks of the golf swing is the grip. A correct grip will allow you to swing the golf club well without mid swing compensations. The purpose of placing your hands correctly on the golf club is to be able to make a swing that is controlled by the larger muscles of your body. With a sound grip you will not have to manipulate the hands to be able to return the head of the golf club to a square position at impact. To produce consistent golf shots you must have a consistent grip. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Golf Overlap Grip. This concept is often overlooked by many golfers. If your golf shots are straying to the right or left of the target it is always a great idea to see if your grip is correct first before you even look at your golf swing. The most commonly used grip by low handicap players today is the overlap grip (Vardon grip). This grip allows a player to reduce the distance between the two hands allowing them to work as a cohesive unit. It also allows for a natural wrist cock in the back swing, unlike the 10 finger (baseball) grip. The overlap (Vardon grip) is also the easiest way to grip the golf club in the fingers instead of the palms. An interlocking grip can sometimes lead you to grip too much with the palms as opposed to the fingers.Overlap Grip (Vardon Grip)1. Make sure to place the grip in your fingers and not in the palms. If you are a right handed golfer, place your left hand on the top of the grip first. 2. The forefinger and thumb on your left hand (top hand) should be close together. This will allow your right hand to easily fit onto the grip. 3. Rotate your left hand slightly clockwise or to the right with the thumb placed slightly right of center. 4. Now place your right hand onto the golf club, be certain to place the club into the fingers with this hand as well. 5. Place the pinky finger on your right hand between the index and middle fingers of the left hand. Your other 3 fingers of the right hand should be placed onto the grip. 6. Your index finger and thumb on each hand will make an upside down V. After taking your setup look down at your hands. The V on your left hand should point a little bit to the right of your nose. The V on your right hand will point to your right shoulder. The pressure in your hands should neither be too light or too firm. Most golfers tend to be on the firm side. Once you find a happy medium be sure to maintain the same pressure in the hands throughout the entire golf swing. For more detailed information, visit Golf Overlap Grip

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