Easy Fundraising

Do you want to raise money? Whether it is for a sports team, a church group or anything else, you can raise a lot of money without putting too much work into it. There are a lot of easy fundraising ideas out there that you can put into action and raise money for your group or program. Here are a few ideas:-Fundraising Cards: cards are one of the best ways to raise money. Your group sales discounted cards to the community and gets to keep a certain percentage of the profit. The people who buy the cards get great discounts and your group gets a large sum of money.-Car Wash: this is one of the most popular fundraisers and it is simple to put together. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Easy Fundraising. All you need is a place that has access to a water hose. You supply your own buckets, soap, and towels for drying. Make signs to promote your car wash and have it announced in your community paper. You can charge a set fee or just ask for donations. You might actually make more money asking for donations and having people give any amount they want.-All You Can Eat Potato Bar Dinner: this is an easy one to set up. Put the potatoes in your oven. Set up all the toppings on a buffet table. And then let everyone each up all they want. Potatoes are pretty cheap and the toppings are pretty inexpensive as well. You can charge a good amount for the dinner and make a large profit. People love to eat and will pay for a good dinner.-Yard Sale: gather items in your house that you no longer want and ask the rest of your group and other community members to donate their unwanted items. Choose a day for a yard sale, hang up a few signs, and put out all of the items out on your front yard. You will find that there are many people that love going to yard sales and buying used items. There is no cost to set it up so you get 100% profit.These are great ideas for raising money. People are almost always willing to donate money if it is for a good cause and if they know what it is they are donating to. Get creative and raise a lot of money without having to put in a lot of your own time and money. For more info, visit Easy Fundraising

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