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FreeiQ launches it's beta version, but is it really The market place for ideas that it claims to be?

 Have Online Video Giants, You Tube and MySpace met their match within this new social networking arena?

 Most critically, have affiliates and consumers finally found the perfect market place? If you are interested to know more, take a look at Brad Fallon.

 Creator and Internet Legend Brad Fallon of "Stompernet", seems to think so. So what is Free IQ? Here are some of the things they are saying over at FreeiQ:

 Just some of the features Brad Fallon claims FreeiQ allows you to use are:

 * Upload, tag and share your content worldwide * Browse thousands of original ideas uploaded by community members * Find, share and create ideas that connect with people * Customize your experience with favorites and subscriptions * Integrate Free IQ with your website using video embeds or APIs

 "Free IQ is an easy way to get your ideas, products and services to your targeted audience.", says Brad. Is Brad Fallon the new "Internet voice of reason"? Or will this concept turn out to be just another hype merchants dream? Will FreeiQ be the next Web2.0, Social book marking Giant?

 Well before anyone chooses whether or not to believe the hype, they should at least be able to decide for themselves by making an intelligent and informed decision. (Remember that your opinion is supposed to effect how others view this) According to Brad Fallon, users can test this concept for themselves by leaving their own comments and opinion's. Which in turn effects the rank and it's user rating. FreeiQ Video Demo  Just why have sites like You Tube and My space become so popular recently? Both these Behemoths have been valued at Billions of dollars to date, and how exactly does FreeiQ intend to persuade the You Tube and My Space fans to make the switch?

 Web2.0 and Social book marking is being proclaimed by many as the most transparent and revolutionary way for viewers and consumers to find products and services that meet their exact needs as recommended by their peers. Like minded people, who recommend sites to one another based on personal opinion.

 With this in mind FreeiQ claims that, theirs will be the most honest and transparent place for Internet marketers to sell their products,bringing respectability and trust back to the marketplace. This is something that so far has been severely lacking in the world of online media.

 While I'm not sure whether I'm quite convinced of this just yet, I would encourage individuals to review it for themselves, as the concept at least, holds enormous potential. Should it prove to be a success then it could provide the perfect synergy for Social Networking and Internet Marketing to date.

 Brad Fallon believes that the reason for this transparency, has something to do with their own unique patent pending search algorithm. What's that? If that just sounds like too much "tech jargon" to you here's what it means in a nutshell.

 Basically the user will now decide what content is valuable and how it gets rated. (What's hot and what's not.) This would also mean that the user could find the best content by viewer popularity, instead of relying search engines like Google and Yahoo to spoon feed them whatever the robots think is most relevant or based on clever search engine optimization tactics. If this is true and that's a BIG IF, then it would be nothing short of a miracle for consumers and an online revolution for marketers alike.

 However there is a flip side to this strategy they are taking. Here in lies the big risk that FreeiQ have to take when letting the consumers and viewers decide how to rank content and products. The vendors and service providers who try follow their old marketing strategies would now be at serious risk of it all back firing on them should they over hype and under deliver on their products.

 By relying on user ratings, they could be making it just as easy for the end user, to expose and differentiate from the many scams and spam content that proliferates the Internet today, Separating it from the truly valuable content.

 The Best and most valuable content, will now apparently be decided by the user and not the search engines. All this however, still remains to be seen as the current version, although available to the public, is still being Beta tested.

 My sincere wish is that this new strategy, using Web2.0 as a model, will force product and service vendors to change the way that they advertise and provide the transparency that the market place craves, (Dare I say demands?). Placing the power to rate and choose what is relevant, squarely in the hands of the consumer.

 After all, the Internet is supposed to be about the free sharing and exchange of information. However attractive this may seem at first, a word of caution is suggested here. Now While i remain optimistic about this new market place,I would challenge the reader to put this new idea to the test before jumping on the next Internet bandwagon.

 Conclusion. It is the responsibility of consumers and marketers alike to judge for themselves whether or not these bold claims for the new "Web2.0 Giant" are true or whether the Hype that is the current status quo of internet marketing still remains.

 It's may just be that it's You who gets to decide. "Power to the people" ;o)

 For further information on this controversial new launch, you may find it at the following Links respectively. Review Info: (text overview) You can rate the Video demo here, and leave your comments. Watch the full length conference video presentation and rate it. For more info, visit Brad Fallon.

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