Wicked Los Angeles

Wicked is one of the only Broadway shows to make back all of its investment money after only 14 months of production. This musical originally debuted in October of 2003, and is still mesmerizing audiences to this day. Many new actors, along with many familiar faces, have debuted in Wicked, . Audiences from around the country are magically drawn into this story as if it were their own. For more info, visit Wicked Los Angeles.


Wicked is a story about witches and magic; however, it manages to engage the audience in a way that is much more than magical. Broadway enthusiasts are absorbed in the story as it is one that they identify from their own personal experiences. Elphaba faces much scrutiny throughout the story, as she was different than the rest; this part of the story alone makes it personal to audiences.


Elphaba's experiences throughout the storyline are realistic and mold her into who she is by the end of the story. Spectators of this fascinating musical cannot help but reflect on their own personal roller coasters, and realize that they are who they are because of the ups and downs that life has brought their way.Making her first Broadway debut, Marcie Dodd has taken on the lead role in Wicked - Elphaba. She's not the only new face to the set; the number of new faces to the set of Wicked is phenomenal: Katie Adams, Sonshine Allen, Sarah Bolt, Sam J. Cahn, Todd Hanebrink, Lindsay Janisse, Chelsea Krombach, Lindsay K. Northern, Rhea Patterson, Eddi Pendergraft, Amanda Rose, Heather Spore, Charlie Sutton, Cy Tyson, Brian Wanee, Jonathan Warren, Katie Webber, Robin Wilner, and Samantha Zack.Many of the performers are also captivated by the magical essence of Wicked. Performers from the original cast have moved around from venue to venue: Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and even the touring production.


Eden Espinoza, currently performing as Elphaba in Los Angeles, was an understudy for the original cast. Carol Kane, performing as Miss Morrible, has done so on Broadway and now in Los Angeles. Annaleigh Ashford, now performing as Glinda in Chicago, had played the same role on Broadway.The number of new and familiar faces to Wicked is amazing - to say the least. Carol Kane, David Garrison, Lenny Wolpe, Jayne Houdyshell, and P.J. Benjamin are just a handful of familiar faces on the set. These are the performers who are so well known they break from big city productions in order to perform at regional productions.


This musical is capturing the hearts of many, and not only the audiences, but the performers too. Many of these performers are on stage 7 nights a week, and throughout multiple cities. Regardless, every show is performed as if it's the first production. The passion these actors portray is nothing short of magical.  For more detailed information, visit Wicked Los Angeles.

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