Pandigital Novel 7 Multimedia Ereader

eReaders are great new devices for reading magazines and books digitally. Recently many other features have been added, and eReaders grow in popularity every day. If you've been pondering purchasing an eReader, but feel confused by the ever-growing list of choices, here are a few basic ideas to help you make the best choice for you.Features you will want to think about when choosing an eReader include:Functionality - What do you want an eReader for? Do you want to go online, listen to music, listen to audio-books, or just read books? There's no point in paying for a lot of bells and whistles if you just want to be able to download the latest novels, read them and delete them. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Pandigital Novel 7 Multimedia Ereader. Practicality - Think about practical points such as battery life, durability and ease of carrying the eReader. Some fit handily in a purse or pocket, others need a special case. Which will work best for you?Color - Do you need it? If you want to be able to view web pages online or look at books with lots of illustrations, the answer is probably, "yes." If you just want to read the latest popular novel, it is probably "no."Storage - Do you need to store reference materials? If so, you will need to have plenty of storage space. If you are just reading novels and periodicals and then deleting them, you will not. There's no reason to pay for lots of storage space if you don't need it.Sharing - Do you want to share your books and articles with your friends? If so, you will want to choose an eReader that provides that capability. As of this writing, Nook provides this option, but Kindle doesn't. As with everything else in regards to this fast-changing technology, this could change any minute, so keep your ear to the ground!Word processing - Do you want to be able to type, keep notes and so on? In that case, you might want an iPad rather than an eReader. It has a larger screen and the ability to connect your keyboard and type and store documents.Cost - Prices change everyday with new eReaders being introduced and features changing rapidly. Keep abreast of prices by searching online. Compare features carefully, decide what you want and what it's worth to you, and look for coupons and special offers that will help you save money on eReaders.Recommendations - To evaluate all the new features, as well as the standard features of all eReaders, check out customer testimonials and reviews. Two you could start with are the very popular Kindle (at Amazon) and Nook (at Barnes & Noble). However, in this fast growing market, there are many upstarts. Check out some eReader reviews and take some time to compare features, reviews and prices.When choosing an eReader, it's good to look at lots of different options online, take your long-term interests and your pocketbook into account and be on the lookout for great deals. The rapid pace with which this technology is growing and changing can make it difficult to choose among all of the eReaders. The best advice when choosing an eReader is to keep yourself well-informed and remain alert to the latest changes and the best deals. For more detailed information, visit Pandigital Novel 7 Multimedia Ereader

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