Cause Marketing

Whether you are part of a program that works with needy children and provides them with holiday gifts, or raises funds for hurricane victims, or individuals struggling with things like AIDS and cancer. Or maybe your business has taken a stand on something like - 'good to be green' recycling, environmental awareness and social responsibility or women's issues. Whether you realize it or not you are part of what is now being coined - cause marketing.Cause marketing is when a business aligns itself with a charitable organization for a mutually beneficial purpose. Your business gains with an improved image in the community and  a charity gains more recognition and support for its cause.  If you are interested to know more, take a look at Cause Marketing. Promotional products are a low cost and proven form of advertising. By making custom promotional products a part of your charitable giving contribution you can maximize recognition for your program.Many charities are just as appreciative of receiving a gift as they are cash. Items like custom promotional license plate frames, tote bags, lunch cases, sport buddy bottles, alligator clips, caps and T-shirts make great gifts recipients are proud to show off. These items can be customized to highlight and bring awareness to both your company and your charity's cause.Send customized promotional gift baskets that are visually appealing. Good will generates more business. Offer services free of charge to less privileged disadvantaged people. Send announcements to the media and let them know what your company is doing. Expand your horizon by hosting charitable events. Exposure begets exposure. Make the commitment.You can use the internet to research charities you are interested in in your area. You may choose to obtain information directly from the charities themselves or local government offices that evaluate charities. Thorough research of a charity ensures that it is a reliable and well run organization.Charitable giving is a hot topic in business marketing. Match your charitable interests to reflect that of your customers and benefit with increased customer loyalty and alliances in  your community. The causes your company is aligned with will, no doubt, influence  customers' willingness to do business with you. Focusing your effort on one noteworthy charitable organization will likely be sufficient but there is no reason a company could not contribute to two charities or even three.Have an announcement  posted to a community service bulletin board to inform local media of your charitable involvement. Involvement with a charity may lead to positive press interviews with local newspapers, radio or TV stations. Make all of these occasions to promote your business with promotional products. Give promotional items with your logo and contact information to everyone you meet. Make sure benefits your company offers are highlighted and included in the text in a clear and concise manner. Good will generates more business. As another benefit, most of what you give as charitable giving is tax deductible. You may deduct fair market value for your charitable gifts. But, in case there is any scrutiny from the IRS be sure to keep itemized lists and written documentation. If possible, get receipts from your charity.If in the course of working with your charity you spend time in meetings and travel, whatever expenses you incur are also tax deductible. Ask vendors for cash receipts for all cash purchases in case you are audited.Use cause marketing to build goodwill in the community. Incorporating customized promotional products in your cause marketing efforts will give your program an extra push. For more detailed information, visit Cause Marketing

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