Make it your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings

Having trouble choosing the perfect ring for your fiancee? Why not try to design your own instead? Nothing beats the sentimental value of an engagement ring that is unique and personalized for the one you love. The engagement ring symbolizes your intense relationship and it will be worn by your bride-to-be forever. Have the freedom to explore your options since there are no limits when designing your own engagement ring. You may choose any cut from classic, retro to modern style. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Make it your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings. You may also consider choosing from a simple mount setting to a very intricate design. The main stone is also not limited to diamonds only. You can use magnificent gemstones like the fiery ruby, the elegant emerald stone or the sophisticated sapphire stone.Add more personal touch by engraving something special on the band. It may be your initials, your favorite song lyrics or a very memorable date. The choice is yours! But you may now be wondering; where will I start? How can I choose the right design? Where can I get my ring made from scratch? Don't worry. Here are some guidelines to help you along the way.First, observe. Know what your lady wants. This is designed for her and you should be sure that she will wholeheartedly love the ring that you will give her. Look into some of the jewelries she always wears. Is she a simple woman, a fashionista or an artsy person? Or maybe, she's fond of classic antiques or traditional designs? These simple indicators can be a good reference for the engagement ring design. If still unsure, you may also ask some of her friends and family for an advice. They could surely help you to come up with a concept.Once you have a clearer vision on what your fiancee might want, you may start coming up with the design. Browse the internet to see different styles. You may try peeping into some jewelry stores to inspire you as well. Designing an engagement ring should start with choosing the right stone. Diamonds have many difference cuts and could represent different personalities. Make sure to pick the one suited for your fiancee.Next, choose the band you prefer. Usually ring bands are made of titanium, platinum, white gold, yellow gold and silver. White gold is the most popular one followed by the yellow gold. Silver band are the cheapest, platinum are more expensive and titanium cannot be designed other than its default style. Make sure that your band would complement the stone you chose.Choosing the mounting style can be confusing if you don't have a precise idea of what you want. There are a lot to choose from since technology has paved the way for many types of styles. You have to be sure that the mounting fits well with the appearance of the center stone. It must not overpower its beauty, and should accentuate it instead. You must also still keep in mind what your bride-to-be want as an inspiration.When you finally come up with the perfect design, you'll have to find a jeweler that you can really trust. Don't rush this phase and make sure you find the perfect one. The fate of your engagement ring will lie on the jeweler you choose, so there is actually no room for mistakes.If you finally decided on who will make your engagement ring, you have to know everything that he can guarantee. Write everything that you've agreed upon on a piece of paper. Include the design he promised to make, the quality he'll provide and the date he can deliver the ring. Both of you should sign this paper, and a witness as well, if possible, so that you can sleep peacefully every night.You may also consider getting your ring done online. You have to do your research before trusting anyone in online sites. Look for positive and negative feedback from their customers. Ending up with scammers will be the last thing you'll want to happen.You should expect that designing your own engagement ring will be more expensive than the ready-made ones. So be sure that your budget is enough for the ring that you want. Spending a lot of money for such a ring can be burdening, but it will all be worth while once you see the happiness in your fiancee's face as you finally pop-out the big question. This moment is priceless. For more detailed information, visit Make it your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings

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