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Since I'm retired I spend my time often surfing through the internet. There I find lots of interesting tools and services. So I found these sites promising to "cut the cable company out of my life forever", just by using their revolutionary software tools. It bothers me all the time when I find this stuff with unbelievable promises, only to squeeze the money out of my pocket. And when you start searching the Internet for honest reviews about these tools you end up with articles which look like the people who wrote them did neither buy nor use the programs they've reviewed. That's the reason why I started to write reviews about this kind of software, which I have really bought and used. 

As you can read above, today I will tell you my experiences with online TV software. By a fluke I found out that there is software which can help me to watch TV programs over the Internet at my computer. This was really interesting to me, since I did not expect that it will be possible to watch TV over the Internet. So I was searching Google for those programs and reviews about them. I found a lot of stuff. But unfortunately I did not find some honest reviews which are independent from the people who sell this software tools. So I had to start to find out by myself which software I can use and what the software is doing and what not. And I wanted to find out, if the sales pages made empty promises or if they tell the truth. 

When you have a credit card or a PayPal account you can easily buy one of those tools. It just needs to visit one of the sales pages and after you have paid for the software you can instantly download and install. But before you give away your account information's you should check, if you really can trust those websites. I found out that there is a big vendor of such stuff like software and e-books, which is called clickbank. The main advantage of clickbank is that you can pay secure and you have a 60 day money back guarantee. So you can have a 60 day trial period for each product which is hosted at clickbank. I can tell you that I have tried this and I never had a problem to get my money back when I was not satisfied with one of the products. The only thing you have to keep in mind is, to ask for refund directly to clickbank and never to the producers of the software or e-books.  
Before you download online TV software you should be sure, that you have a broad band Internet connection, because only with fast Internet connection you will be able to watch the live streams from the different TV stations from all over the world. Also you need a PC or notebook which is not older than five years, because older hardware could get in trouble decoding the live streams from the Internet. The software is running at Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. You don't need a TV card, so you can save a lot of money. When your PC/notebook has a TV/out connector, you can easily connect it to your TV, to watch the Internet streams on your TV screen. If you are interested to know more, take a look at TV on PC Software.

I've tried many of these TV software tools and in summary I can say that there are no big differences between the programs. The main difference between the programs is the price. That's why I want to focus my review on the cheapest program I've found. It's called "Digital TV on PC". My experience is that all those tools in the end make the same. They have a list of live streams from TV stations from all over the world, where the user can surf through like with his remote control on his TV at home. The list of TV stations is usually updated by the programmers of the software. This is the service they do for you. 
The user interface of the software is clearly arranged and easy to use. On the left side of the screen you find the TV stations ordered by theme. Once you click the folder with your preferred theme you'll find thumbnails from the TV stations you can watch. When you have found an interesting TV station it just click the thumb nail to start the stream and then you can click the full screen button to see the video in full screen at your monitor. Your favourite TV stations can easily be saved by clicking the favourites button. 

You can not only watch TV also you have access to many radio stations from all over the world. This cute little feature is not mentioned by most of the sales pages. But I think it's worth to mention, because I found a lot of interesting radio stations which I would never miss again. And that's all what the software is doing. They collect streams from the Internet and provide them to the users. So you do not have to search yourself the Internet for working live streams of TV or radio stations. This service is worth to me the 17 bucks I had to pay for this software. At the moment TV stations usually do not provide their whole program through life streams to the Internet. Please keep this in mind and do not expect too much from this software. But Internet life streams become better and better each month. To TV your PC with this software is a great deal. So if you want to give it a try klick "DIGITAL TV on PC" I hope you've enjoyed my first review. If you have comments or questions please let me know. For more detailed information, visit TV on PC Software


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