The first OCR was launched in 1929 by Gustav Tauschek in Germany. In 1953 OCR systems was used first time commercially.Currently OCR is an important technology used in firms for scanning applications and documents. Earlier professionals were trained to convert each character of images or scripts into specific fonts and programmed them to use in systems. It was a time taking technique.
OCR software helps to store and manage soft copies of newspaper, magazines or important images for official documents in PDF or text format. If you are interested to know more, take a look at OCR.
Methodology of OCR Conversion: There is a specific methodology followed by OCR to act as image converter into documents as stated below:
1. Input Image document in software

2. Pre Processing

3. Feature Extraction

4. Recognition

5. Post Processing

6. Output Text in window application
Hundreds of consumers, everyday look for products that can handle their work load with precision and search for easier, faster ways to convert their documents. As we find ourselves moving from document to document, imagine if you could move from image to document? Surely many have thought about it.
There may be many converters over internet but you will find some specifications in image to text converter that will make it outstanding in your view among the stream of converters. As an Image to text converter, it can exchange almost all type of pictures into text and you can easily get a document which can be modified and edited by anyone.
The new Image to OCR converter can do this and much more. With the OCR converter you can easily convert any image to text doc without hassle. Convert your images, pdf and scanned documents without even changing software. This miracle software can convert your images in the amount of time it takes you to make your next cup of coffee, making your office work a breeze. For more detailed information, visit OCR

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